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The 13 Best Costco Pet Items in 2024

Here's what to throw into your cart for your furry friends when you visit the grocery retailer.
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Pet owners, listen up! Costco not only has great deals for human needs, but it also has a stellar selection for furry friends. According to the financial advice company Motley Fool, you will get a better deal at Costco if you buy in bulk than if you buy at a big-box pet store like Petco.

Costco can also save money on more than just pet accessories and food. Look to for savings on pet fences and doors and pet insurance, too. It's not just stuff for dogs and cats, you'll find supplies for birds, horses, and chickens. (If you're new to Costco, please keep in mind that prices are usually lower at the warehouse than when you shop online.)

From food to fashion for your furry friends, here are 15 of the best pet items to grab at Costco right now.

Prescription Medicine

Prescription pill bottle medicine

Costco is known to have great prices for prescription medications for adults, kids, and pets. Pet medication can be expensive, and Costco often comes through with great prices for common pet prescriptions, including tick, flea, and heartworm prevention.

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Kirkland Signature Pet Hoodie

kirkland pet hoodie

The Kirkland Signature pet hoodies are an adorable purchase for any Costco lover. The mega-popular holiday purchase has stuck around and ranges in sizes from small to extra large, making it great for a cat or dog who can tolerate playing dress up. It's $13.89 in the warehouse, close to $1 cheaper than around the holidays.

Vesper Five Level Cat Tree

vesper five level cat tree

This five-level cat base looks like a fun place for cats to peer out the window or take a nap. Similar versions online cost upwards of $125 (and many closer to $200). When you're in the market for cat furniture, look to Costco for significant savings on an item like this. It's only $99.99 in the warehouse.

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Kirkland Signature Round Pet Bed

Costco pet bed

This was the No. 1 must-buy when I asked my friends what they bought for their dogs at Costco. There are tons of Reddit threads loving this ultra-plush luxury pet pillow. Pets will be pets, so it's also great that the cover on the bed is machine-washable. This round size costs $42.99 in the warehouse and is 40 inches in diameter, but you can often find it in different sizes.

Hero Dog Outer Armor Durable Dog Toys

hero dog toy bundle
Organic Costco Moms / Facebook

Costco isn't always flush with pet toys. When you see this three-pack for $15.99, grab it and then dole out the toys one at a time. Each toy is different—there's a squeaker, a rope good for the teeth, and a ball to play fetch for endless hours of fun.

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Greenies Dental Treats

greenies dental treats

These dental treats are a fan-favorite brand among pet owners, and many of them grab a big 36-ounce package from Costco. For a few dollars less than your average pet store, you can get a box for $37.49 and the rest of the groceries and household products you need.

Diggs Revol Dog Crate

diggs dog crate at costco

Getting a new puppy can be expensive, especially if you need to start with all the gear from scratch. This dog crate bundle has the crate, perfect for training and transporting your dog, and a memory foam pad for ultimate comfort. This is a Costco-exclusive deal for $299.99 online.

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Fresh Step Premium Cat Litter

fresh step cat litter

If you own a cat, you'll need plenty of litter. Fresh Step is a popular brand you can find at most stores, from Chewy to Target, but you'll get a bigger bag and some savings at Costco. A 40-pound bag costs $13.99 in the warehouse.

Kirkland Signature Absorbent Pads

kirkland absorbant pads

Owners potty training their dogs may need to grab a few of these Kirkland Signature absorbent pads, aka "pee pads," for their pup or older dog. The pads are odor-controlled and help make for easy cleanup. Get 100 of the 23-by-30-inch pads for $16.99 in the warehouse.

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32 Degrees Dog Vest

32 degrees dog vest
32 Degrees

Who knew Costco was such a hot spot for doggy fashion? These dog vests are by 32 Degrees—yes, the same 32 Degrees that makes human long underwear for Costco that you stock up on every year. They are cozy and cute with patterns in red and black checkers or royal blue outlined in turquoise. They run from small to extra large and cost $14.99 in the warehouse.

Toro Bully Hide Chews

toro bully hide chews

If your dog can handle bully sticks without getting an upset stomach, Redditors report you are getting the best deal at Costco. "They are a fraction of the price of any pet store or online," wrote one Redditor.

Plus, dogs love them. "The bully sticks are the best!" raved another fan on Reddit. "When our mutt was a puppy they would glue her wherever we gave it to her for 20-30 minutes until it was gone." A 1.32-pound bag is $26.49 at the warehouse.

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Kirkland Signature Adult Dog Food

Kirkland Signature Dog Food

Choosing a dog food can be overwhelming. Costco offers more than a half-dozen choices. Each dog reacts differently and has different needs. The Kirkland Signature Adult Dog food is a winner for most at $49.99 online. After all, it's one of the items that customers can't stop buying, so they must be on to something.

Catit Creamery Lickable Cat Treats

catit creamery cat treats

Cat owners have been thrilled with the introduction of these cat treats to select warehouses. It likely has to do with the incredible price of $16.99 for 72. They're great way to disguise medicines if you need to give to your cat. You can sometimes find them online, so be on the lookout if they aren't in your store.

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