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Costco Just Brought Back 2 Popular Fall Items For 'Cozy Season'

Both have to do with the most festive fall squash: the pumpkin.

Cozy season is in full swing—and few grocers celebrate this beloved time of year quite as hard as Costco. The retailer has been adding seasonal products for weeks and just brought back two more fall items to help you ring in the month of October.

These returning items both have to do with the most festive fall squash of all: the pumpkin. Astute shoppers spotted Costco's popular Pumpkin Spice Loaf and jumbo carving pumpkins back in warehouses over this past weekend.

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The Pumpkin Spice Loaf is a seasonal Costco item that typically reappears in early fall each year. It is flavored with warm fall spices and covered with an indulgent layer of cream cheese icing and white chocolate shavings. Even though it's only available for a limited time each year, the bakery favorite has earned quite a loyal following. Fans were ecstatic to finally see it back in stock this week.

"This is the best day of my life," a customer commented on a recent Reddit post about the loaf's return.

The treat was selling for $9.99 at the warehouse where it was spotted, but prices may vary by location.

Shoppers also reported the return of Costco's popular jumbo carving pumpkins over the weekend. While Costco is far from the only place you can find pumpkins during fall, members love the retailer's price for the festive squash. The Costco-themed Instagram account @costcobuys said that the pumpkins cost $5.99 near them, but they may vary by location.

"Perfect for carving with the kiddos! Such a good deal too!" a caption on @costcobuys' video read.

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While shoppers have already spotted both of these seasonal Costco items, some warehouses typically receive new or returning products earlier than others. Any Costco members wondering when they should expect to see these fall items in stock should check directly with their local warehouse for more details. 

In the meantime, Costco members already have plenty of other fall items to check out this cozy season. The retailer's five-pound Pumpkin Pie, for example, returned to warehouses back in August to the delight of shoppers. Members can also find a variety of candy assortments and spooky decor at Costco to celebrate the fast-approaching Halloween holiday.

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