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Costco Just Brought Back One Of Its Most Beloved Bakery Items

Shoppers say they haven't been able to find the popular treat in months.

Breakfast time just got a little sweeter for Costco shoppers with a penchant for craveable pastries. One of the retailer's most popular bakery items has finally made its grand return after a months-long absence.

This returning fan-favorite treat is the Cherry Danish, which consists of flaky pastry dough with a cherry filling and sweet icing. Costco has been selling those popular danishes for years, but customers have reported a notable absence of the item in recent months. In great news for members who've been pining for the pastries, a customer spotted them back on shelves this week and shared the news with fellow fans on Reddit.

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"I was happy to find cherry danish at my local Costco today. Haven't seen it in ages," the customer wrote in the Reddit post, which also included a picture of the popular bakery item.

The relaunch is sure to delight those who never forgot about the Cherry Danishes while they were gone, even as Costco introduced a string of popular new bakery items this year. Some customers even prefer the regular Cherry Danishes over Costco's Cherry and Cheese Pastries, which are very popular in their own right.

When Costco adds new or returning bakery items to shelves, some warehouses may get them sooner than others. This means that the supply and availability of the danishes may vary depending on the store, so shoppers hoping to get their hands on a package should check directly with their local Costco to confirm whether the pastries are back in stock.

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For Costco customers craving savory bakery treats, the retailer recently launched a brand-new Green Chile Cornbread that's already garnering praise. The @costcobuys Instagram account called the item "delicious" and said it had a "slightly spicy kick" from the green chiles.

Now that fall is fast approaching, Costco customers can also look forward to the potential return of other seasonal bakery items that typically hit shelves around this time of year. Costco's beloved Pumpkin Streusel Muffins usually reappear around early fall or late summer every year. The retailer also usually brings back its popular Pumpkin Cheesecake in the fall, as well as its massive and affordable Pumpkin Pie.

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