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Costco Just Brought Back This Beloved Frozen Treat For Summer

Grab them before they're gone!

With the warm summer weather upon us, you're surely going to want to pick up some frozen treats at the grocery store to enjoy. Many towns across the country don't have ice cream trucks, so the next best thing is to bring home frozen treats in advance of your summer entertaining.

Luckily for Costco shoppers, a fan favorite has made its way back to the store just in time for the official start of summer: Binggrae's Melona Ice Cream Bars.

Originally from South Korea, the fruit-flavored ice cream has become popular ever since the big-box retailer made the snack's debut in America a few years ago.

Courtesy of Costco

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The hype hasn't died down since—and now the frozen treats have made their highly-anticipated return to Costco warehouses again for Summer 2022. Fans are once again taking to Reddit to express their love for the bars.

Reddit user u/nikobunni gushed over the treat in a recent post to the retailer's subreddit page.

"OMG!! Melona is IT!!" the Redditor posted earlier this month, along with a photo of one of the mango-flavored ice cream pops that they had already started eating. "Bought them yesterday and I'm about to devour the whole box," they added.

Costco's 24-pack of Melona Ice Cream Bars come in flavors like mango, coconut, and honeydew melon. They are typically available as an exclusive item during the summer months.

Since the bars have a shelf life of nearly two years, many Costco shoppers stock up on them each year when they return to stores. Run to your nearest Costco store ASAP to grab them before they're gone for the season!

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