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Costco Shoppers Raving About a "Delicious" Iced Beverage

Talk about a caffeine boost!
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Almost nothing beats a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning. But there are also some mornings that require an extra powerful caffeine fix. When your usual cup of joe just won't cut it, there's a popular coffee drink at Costco that might just do the trick.

Costco is currently selling cases of Lee's Cafe Latte Frozen Concentrate, which customers are describing as not only "delicious," but also much more potent than your average cup of coffee.

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A Costco member described the product as the "bomb dot com" in a Reddit post this week—and quickly found that they were far from the only person who adores Lee's coffee.

"These are so legit," a customer commented on the post.

"Yeah it's good stuff," another said.

One shopper even declared that Lee's iced coffees are better than homemade varieties. "You can make the stuff at home but Lee's is by far [the] most flavorful version I've ever had. They add something magical as typical home-brewed Vietnamese coffee doesn't have that latte/caramel flavor to it," the shopper said.

Customers who do try the drink should be careful about consuming too much in one sitting. Though Lee's doesn't list the caffeine content for the drink on the nutrition label or its website, it does recommend diluting the beverage by pouring it over ice or mixing it with milk.

"My son didn't dilute thinking it was like a Starbucks drink and he was vibrating for a day," a shopper wrote in a comment.

Customers said that diluting the drink not only dials down the intensity, but also improves the whole drinking experience.

"I don't want the calories of milk so I'll put it in a tall glass with ice and sip it throughout the day. It gets better and better as the ice melts," one commented.

Unfortunately, Lee's coffee doesn't seem to be available at all Costco warehouses in the United States right now. However, Costco warehouses do take suggestions on what products they should carry, so customers vying for a taste of Lee's coffee should consider submitting a request.

Lee's Coffee is only the latest Costco product to enchant shoppers. Members have also been raving recently about the Reese's Dipped Animal Crackers spotted in certain warehouses and the incredibly versatile Kirkland Signature canned chicken.

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