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Costco's Popular Lemon Blueberry Loaf Is Missing Its Star Ingredient, Shoppers Say

Shoppers are reporting consistency issues with the beloved Costco bakery item.

Though Costco bakery fans seemingly find something new to rave about every other week, the Lemon Blueberry Loaf is one of the latest sweet treats to capture their attention (and hearts). The cake, which is filled with fresh blueberries, topped with crumble, and drizzled with a white glaze, quickly became a sensation among shoppers after Costco launched it in April.

Despite the immense popularity of this loaf, some Costco members are reporting some major consistency issues with the item, including a distinct lack of its star ingredient: blueberries.

A customer called out Costco on Reddit this week for its "loaf of lies" after purchasing a cake with no blueberries apart from a few right on top of the loaf.

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"If Costco lists blueberries as the fourth ingredient, I wholeheartedly expect blueberries at some point. I was so embarrassed. I promised the family a blueberry lemon loaf, and I brought them a LOAF OF LIES instead—an interior that was so inferior to the loaded blueberry loaves from the internet," the customer wrote.

The post inspired other Costco shoppers to share that blueberries were also surprisingly scarce in their own cakes.

"I second this. Bought a loaf Friday for the first time after hearing rave reviews. It's beautiful except for the immense lack of blueberries," a shopper commented.

"Mine was super lemony but only had a few berries down at the bottom," another said.

Not only are shoppers reporting a distinct lack of blueberries, but some say that their loaves have fallen short on other key elements as well.

"The loaves I looked at yesterday had barely any crumble/glaze on top. The one loaf we tried earlier was dry and lacked lemon flavor," a shopper commented.

While other customers said they successfully purchased cakes that delivered on blueberries, lemon flavor, crumble, and texture, the number of members who reported the opposite indicates that this is more than a one-off issue. Costco members speculated that getting a Lemon Blueberry Loaf that's packed with blueberries versus one that is sorely lacking them simply comes down to execution or the luck of the draw.

"My guess is you got a loaf from the bottom of a bowl that wasn't mixed well. There are blueberries at the top because we top them after we drop them with more blueberries and streusel," one apparent Costco bakery employee commented on the post.

A Costco bakery item hasn't divided customers this much since the viral peanut butter chocolate pie that was first spotted around mid-March. While many fans flooded Reddit with rave reviews for the massive, decadent dessert, others called it overly rich and sweet and said that it was "mediocre at best."

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