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Costco Is Pulling Its Controversial Roast Beef Sandwich From the Food Court, Shoppers Report

Shoppers have been slamming Costco over the price of the sandwich ever since it debuted.

Just a couple of months after Costco discontinued its food court churro, reports indicate that the retailer is pulling yet another option from the menu—at least at some locations.

The food court item purportedly on the chopping block? Costco's much-critiqued Roast Beef Sandwich. Rumors that Costco planned to pull the sandwich from the food court menu first emerged in October 2023, when an alleged Costco employee shared the claim on Reddit.

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"Heard from one of my managers that the sandwich will be getting the [axe] here soon. More than likely due to poor sales," they wrote.

The sandwich has been mired in controversy ever since it first appeared at a warehouse in Lynnwood, Wash., in February 2023. Customers were immediately outraged to see that Costco was charging $9.99 for one sandwich, which they noted was significantly more expensive than other food court options like the $1.50 hot dog combo. Many of the reviews for the sandwich itself have also been far from positive, with shoppers calling it "dry" and lacking in flavor.

Roast beef sandwich at Costco
Chris Shott/Eat This, Not That!

Costco brought the sandwich to more and more warehouses throughout the summer of 2023 despite the backlash. But just this week, a Costco shopper noticed that the sandwich was no longer available at a Madison, Wis., location and shared the news on Reddit.

"The Roast Beef Sandwich is no more at my local Costco," the Redditor captioned a photo of their food court menu, which indeed did not display the sandwich.

Apparently, it's not just the Madison warehouse where the sandwich has disappeared. In a comment on the original post, another Costco shopper claimed that the sandwich wasn't available at a Glenview, Ill., location when they stopped by last week.

Of course, just because the sandwich is vanishing from some locations doesn't mean it isn't available at all locations. Several Costco members reported in the comments that they'd spotted the sandwich at their local warehouses just a couple of days prior.

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Still, the fact that the sandwich is now disappearing at select warehouses could mean that the discontinuation rumor from October could now be coming to fruition. Considering all of the outcry surrounding the food court item, it should come as no surprise that some Redditors were ecstatic to hear reports that Costco has started to pull it from the menu.

"Good riddance," one user commented on the post.

"Gone but also forgotten," another quipped.

Costco did not immediately respond to our request for confirmation or comment on the discontinuation reports.

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