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Costco Is Selling One of the World's Best-Quality Steaks

The ultra-expensive beef is priced a lot lower at the warehouse club, shoppers say.

In the world of high-quality steaks, Wagyu is the reigning "it girl." The intensely marbled protein is known to be tender and extremely rich in flavor, and if you've ever encountered it at a restaurant, it was likely the priciest option on the menu. In fact, Wagyu beef is so valuable that it can cost up to $200 per pound, Business Insider reported.

Any carnivores who are intrigued by Wagyu and can handle the high price point need only make their way to their nearest high-end steakhouse–or Costco warehouse–to give it a try.

 Costco Shoppers Are Reporting a Major Shortage of a Popular Dessert

The popular members-only club offers the pricey beef from time to time, and Costco customers have started reporting over the last few days that it's once again in stock. One member shared a picture on Reddit yesterday of packaged Japanese A5 Wagyu steaks, though they didn't specify which warehouse was stocking them. 

My Costco brought back Wagyu, the single packs now
by u/wmj259 in Costco

Another customer also took to Reddit late last week to share a picture of a sizable A5 Wagyu boneless beef ribeye they'd spotted, though they also didn't say which location was offering the protein. The ribeye was priced at $59.99 a pound, which is no joke considering that the nearly three-pound cut came out to $178.77. Still, $59.99 per pound is a massive improvement on the $200 that the beef could theoretically cost.

Wagyu beef comes at such a high price because the Japanese cattle it comes from are quite literally not your average cows. According to the American Wagyu Association, the strain was bred to have more intramuscular fat cells. Some say that the special fat that runs through these steaks can actually melt in your mouth. The Japanese government strictly regulates what can and can't be designated as Wagyu, and A5 is the highest possible quality grade that can be awarded to the beef.

However, the cut of meat seems to be just as divisive as it is special. Now that Costco is once again selling Wagyu, some customers said they can't justify paying so much for it.

"I would never spend this much on beef," one commented on Reddit.

The actual experience of eating Wagyu is also polarizing. While some Costco shoppers fawned over the decadent protein, others said that they don't enjoy the extremely fatty cut of meat. 

"I've always felt that Wagyu is really overrated. It has such high fat content. Some fat is okay, but Wagyu has too much for my taste," a customer wrote.

Like with any Costco product, prices and availability may vary depending on the location. Though if customers aren't seeing the Wagyu beef at a certain location and are dying to give it a try, some members have had success in requesting that their local warehouse stock certain items.

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