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Discontinued TV Dinners You'll Never See Again

Who else remembers Libbyland dinners?
Frozen dinner

On those days when you can't imagine turning on the oven or chopping a single vegetable, frozen dinners can be a lifesaver. They're not usually the healthiest options, but when you just need a quick meal (or when you haven't been grocery shopping in a while), they're better than nothing.

And while plenty of frozen meals still line the grocery store aisles, there are some frozen dinners that are better left in the past. Here are some of the discontinued TV dinners you'll never see again—we can't say we miss them.

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Swanson International TV Dinners

swanson chinese style tv dinner

In the '70s, Swanson introduced these "international" TV dinners, with options like "German-style" and "Mexican-style" frozen meals. There was even an "English-style" fish and chips option, but we can't imagine frozen fish and chips being a tasty meal.

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Libbyland Dinners

libbyland safari supper tv dinner

Another '70s invention, Libbyland Dinners were designed for kids, with fun names like Pirate Picnic and Safari Supper. These days, though, you'll find kids gravitating toward Kid Cuisine instead.

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Kid Cuisine Fish Sticks

kid cuisine fish sticks frozen dinner

Speaking of Kid Cuisine, '90s kids will be happy to know that Kid Cuisine frozen dinners are still available today. But you won't find the fish sticks option in stores anymore.


Swanson Chopped Sirloin Beef

tv dinner

This was one of the earliest Swanson TV dinner offerings back in the day. But the perfectly round serving of meat never looked appetizing.


Morton Chicken-N Dumplings

southern chicken dumplings in square bowl

We're not sure why this was stylized as "Chicken-N," or why anyone would find this appetizing. The peas and mashed potatoes didn't look good, but the real kicker on this meal was the tray of ambrosia salad, which you took off before heating the rest of the food.

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