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7 Amazing Meal Kits to Buy From Fast Food Restaurants

While you can't dine in at your favorite fast food restaurants yet, you can still enjoy their beloved meals, right at home.

Life has changed in many ways the last few months and that includes taking a trip to dine at your favorite fast-food restaurant when the craving hits, for now at least. If you've been left wondering when you'll be able to eat from some of your favorite fast-food spots again, you're in for a little surprise. See, you can enjoy some of those beloved fast-food meals in your own kitchen, thanks to meal kits.

That's right, fast-food restaurants are offering up bundles that will feed the entire family, and—for some added fun—you can even order the ingredients so you can DIY the meals. You can still enjoy these fast-food staples, and some will even be delivered right to your door!

Here's a breakdown of the best fast food meal kits you can order right now.


Chick fil a family meal
Courtesy of Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A has been offering up meal bundle options called "Family Meals" since April. These meals are meant to a group of about four people and you get to choose an entree (either 30 nuggets, 4 chicken sandwiches, or 4 spicy chicken sandwiches), a side, and a drink. And don't worry, you can also order the beloved Chick-fil-A sauces, too. And in case you were ever wondering, this is why Chick-fil-A's chicken tastes so good.

Order Here


dunkin meal kit
Dunkin' US/ Facebook

If you're in the mood to get creative with a classic sweet treat, then this meal kit is for you. Dunkin' is offering up a DIY donut decorating kit at participating locations. You can even call ahead to place your order so you can just grab and go with your order, and get home to start decorating. And eating, of course!

Order Here

Taco Bell

Taco bell at home
Courtesy of Taco Bell

Coming in at $25 is Taco Bell's "At-Home Taco Kits," which consists of eight flour tortillas, 12 crunchy taco shells, seasoned beef, nacho chips, nacho cheese sauce, and all the toppings. This kit feeds up to six people and if you're not sure what kind of taco you want to make, Taco Bell's Blog has handy recipe cards. Taco Tuesday is about to be transformed! Order Here

Auntie Anne's

pretzel kit
Courtesy of Auntie Anne's

Oh, how we miss taking a stroll through the mall food court and getting a whiff of these beloved Auntie Anne's pretzels. Well, now you can have that lovely aroma wafting through your own kitchen, as you can order a DIY At-Home Pretzel Kit. Each kit comes packed with all of the ingredients and a recipe to make 10 Auntie Anne's Original or Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels. What a gift.

Order Here

Tim Hortons

Tim hortons meal kit
Tim Hortons US/ Facebook

Like Dunkin', Tim Hortons also has a DIY donut kit that comes with six donuts, two fondant cups, and two toppings. You can place a takeout order through their app or by calling your local Tim Hortons, or by using any of their delivery partners.

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Shake Shack

Shake Shack shackburger
Courtesy of Shake Shack

Sometimes, you just want to bite into a burger, and Shake Shack is here to save the day. This meal kit comes with a steeper price tag, as it's $49, but you get enough to serve eight people their own ShackBurger. The kit serves up eight patties, slices of American cheese, the signature ShackSauce, and Martin's Potato Rolls, so you can add anything else you might have in your kitchen to them to make the dish your own.

Order Here

Carl's Jr. and Hardee's

Carls jr family bundle
Courtesy of @CarlsJr/Twitter

For Carl's Jr./Hardee's fans, the chains are offering breakfast and lunch/dinner family bundles that will feed up to a family of four. For breakfast, you can choose from burritos with either biscuits or French toast sticks and for lunch/dinner, you can order either burgers or chicken tenders with fries. And did we mention it's only $15? Can't beat that!

Order Here

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