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Foods the Oldest Woman in America Eats Every Day to Live Until 114

She definitely has a sweet tooth.

We've heard a lot lately about people living in the Blue Zones, which are areas of the world with the highest concentration of centenarians and supercentarians. And except for Loma Lima, an Adventist community in California and one of the Blue Zones, these regions are mostly outside of the United States.

Unfortunately, this often comes as no surprise as deadly diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and many cancers are so prevalent in America, and longevity can seem out of reach in many cases. However, despite the high risk of diseases like these in our country, some people have defeated the odds and lived well beyond a century.

In fact, the oldest person in America is currently 114 years old! Bessie Hendricks, who is also the 14th oldest person in the world, was born on November 7, 1907, in Lake City, Iowa. And according to the Gerontology Research Group, she has been able to avoid many serious illnesses her entire life.

How has Bessie Hendricks been able to live such a long life? And what are the daily habits that have kept her so healthy beyond 100 years? Continue reading to learn more, and for more healthy aging tips check out 4 Eating Habits of the Oldest People in America.

Hendricks' life reflects many of the values that Blue Zone communities hold as the keys to longevity. For example, getting natural movement through walking, gardening, and biking are common among centenarians, and Hendricks knows a thing or two about this.

She grew up learning to work and care for her family's farm, and as she grew older and met her husband, Paul Hendricks, she began to care for her own garden and was known for pickling her own vegetables and canning fruit.

Blue Zone centenarians also place a high value on community and spirituality, which Hendricks participated in her whole life. From a young age, she was involved in Woodlawn Christian Church in Iowa, where she has apparently been a member for over 90 years!

But when it comes to Hendricks' eating habits and what she ate on a daily basis, there isn't much to be found online. However, we know she loved sweets as a child and still loves them as a 114-year-old centenarian!

According to some of Hendricks' memoirs, she and her siblings used to love making their own taffy when they were kids. They used to make so much of it that they had to start handing it out to other people so they wouldn't eat it all!

This sweet tooth has apparently followed Hendricks her whole life, because according to her children, Bessie Hendricks would never pass up a slice of birthday cake, even to this day!

Samantha Boesch
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