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The #1 HIIT Workout To Do Every Morning for All-Day Energy

Try this workout for boundless energy from sunrise to sunset.
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Starting your morning off right is crucial for a productive, positive day. If you're looking for a game-changer in your morning routine to kickstart your day with a surge of energy, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) might be your perfect ally. This dynamic and time-efficient workout not only revs up your metabolism but also provides a sustained boost in energy levels throughout the day. This is the #1 HIIT workout to do every morning for all-day energy. I recommend it to my clients for boundless energy from sunrise to sunset.

This HIIT workout, which I like to call "The Morning Metabolism Igniter," serves as the ultimate morning metabolism igniter, setting the tone for a day filled with solid energy and increased productivity. Remember to start at your own pace, practice proper form, and gradually increase the intensity as your fitness level improves.

Gear up to engage multiple muscle groups, elevate your heart rate, and stimulate your cardiovascular system, setting the stage for a day filled with vitality and productivity. The key is to perform each exercise with maximum effort during the high-intensity intervals, followed by short periods of rest to recover and prepare for the next burst of activity.

Read on for the #1 HIIT workout to do every morning for all-day energy. And when you're finished, check out People Swear by the '4-1-1' Workout Method to Strip Away Body Fat.

Jumping Jacks

how to do jumping jacks demonstration

Jumping jacks are a fantastic full-body exercise that not only warms up your muscles but also boosts your heart rate.

Stand with your feet together and your arms at your sides. Jump your feet out to the sides while simultaneously raising your arms overhead. Jump back to the starting position, lowering your arms. Perform three sets of 60 seconds, with a 20-second rest between each set.

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illustration of burpees

Burpees are a powerful compound exercise that targets multiple muscle groups, including your chest, arms, and legs.

Start in a standing position, and drop into a squat. Place your hands on the floor, and jump your feet back into a plank position. Perform a pushup, then jump your feet back toward your hands. Explosively jump into the air, reaching your arms overhead. Perform four sets of 45 seconds with a 15-second rest between each set.

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High Knees

high knees illustration

High knees are a fantastic way to elevate your heart rate, engage your core, and strengthen your leg muscles.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Lift one knee toward your chest while quickly switching to the other knee. Continue the motion, pumping your arms for added intensity. Perform three sets of 60 seconds, with a 20-second rest between each set.

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Mountain Climbers

mountain climbers

Mountain climbers provide a dynamic core workout while keeping your heart rate elevated.

Start in a plank position with your hands directly under your shoulders. Drive one knee toward your chest, then quickly switch legs. Continue the alternating motion at a brisk pace. Perform four sets of 45 seconds, with a 15-second rest between each set.

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Sprint Intervals

sprinting exercise

Sprint intervals mimic the benefits of traditional sprinting, improving cardiovascular health and leg strength.

Find a flat, safe area for sprinting. Sprint at maximum effort for 20 seconds. Walk or lightly jog for 40 seconds to recover. Perform six cycles (three minutes), then gradually increase as your fitness improves.

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