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Oreo Just Brought Back a Popular Cookie Flavor That Vanished Years Ago

And it's perfect for cozy season!

Just in time for the most festive and coldest part of the year, Oreo is bringing back a super popular limited-edition cookie flavor that's practically tailor-made for cozy season.

That's right! Hot Cocoa Oreos are officially coming back to stores nationwide for the first time in years. Oreo announced the return of the limited edition flavor on X (the social media site formerly known as Twitter) earlier this week. The brand shared a photo of the hot cocoa cookies surrounded by all sorts of hot chocolate fixings, teasing in the caption that they're returning to shelves right now.

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These special Oreos feature a marshmallow and hot cocoa-flavored creme sandwiched between two chocolate wafer cookies. The brand first debuted this special flavor for a limited time back in 2017, per Allrecipes, but hasn't made them available for purchase again for years.

Now that they're finally returning to stores, fans are absolutely ecstatic.

"NEED THESE," one X user commented on the Oreo announcement.

"YUM, can't wait to try them," another wrote.

Some customers have already been able to find and purchase packages of the returning Oreos at their local stores. Fans who haven't spotted them yet should make sure to keep a close eye out since Oreo promised that they should be hitting shelves imminently.

Once they do arrive, don't wait too long before grabbing a pack! Oreo is once again selling the cookies as a limited edition item. Packages of the Hot Cocoa Oreos are currently listed for $2.98 at Walmart, but prices may vary depending on the location or retailer.

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Hot Cocoa Oreos are only the latest limited edition Oreo flavor to make a grand return in 2023. Back in May, the brand also brought back its beloved Cotton Candy Oreos for the first time in eight years. First introduced in 2015, those limited edition cookies feature golden Oreo wafers with a Double Stuf layer of pink and blue cotton candy-flavored creme.

And last month, Oreo also relaunched its popular Red Velvet Oreos for a limited time. Featuring red velvet-flavored cookies with cream cheese frosting-flavored creme, Oreo touted them as its "most requested flavor" ever.

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