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Jennifer Lopez Shares New Bikini Photos—Here's How She Stays Feeling Great

Get those summer abs ready with J.Lo’s diet tips.

Jennifer Lopez posted her first bikini pic of the summer, and it's nothing short of red hot. In the Instagram clip, J.Lo casually twirls around poolside in a black string bikini layered with a matching silk robe that dances in the wind. Oh, and did we mention those high-heeled mules? (They're J.Lo branded heels, in case you're curious)

Her peepers are hugged by cool Versace sunglasses, and her post reads, "Summer mode: activated." If this is what summer looks like, we want it now!

While her swimsuit and the whole vibe are totally rockin', it's her body that takes center stage. The 52-year-old Marry Me actress is known for her sleek, toned physique and rigid workout regimes. Still, her eating habits also significantly impact those summer abs. (No, they didn't magically appear by themselves.)

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She told Insider, "I've taken care of myself, and now it shows." In a 2018 interview with H!, her trainer Tracy Anderson said of J.Lo's diet, "It's all organic, and it's all very well thought out, with the balance of very high-quality proteins and a lot of nutrient-dense food… everything is fresh."

The singer proves this to be true in her latest share of the "On The JLo" newsletter by displaying a photo of her typical dinner. The image shows a salad topped with olives, cherry tomatoes, cheese, and salami. There's also a plate of chicken, roasted vegetables, french fries, and bread slices with butter. The latter, she explains, is for the kids. Though she admits to nibbling on fries occasionally. Lopez dines primarily on a clean diet focused on lean meats, healthy fats, and fresh veggies.

Snacks for the actress (poolside, maybe?) include healthy, fresh staples such as raw fruits, greens, and nuts. According to the National Library of Medicine, nuts are a nutrient-dense food containing various health benefits, including metabolic advantages. Plus, they're filled with protein and healthy fats that fuel your body and help stave off hunger.

Fresh fruits and vegetables also contain vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and fiber that promote a healthy diet. These foods are fantastic for replenishing nutrients in your body that become depleted in the scorching summertime heat.

For an afternoon pick-me-up, Lopez doesn't depend on coffee like most. She told US Weekly, "I haven't had caffeine in years." J.Lo remains hydrated by drinking lots of water, avoids packaged and processed foods, and exercises daily to provide the energy she needs to make it through the day.

Summer is officially here, and J.Lo is nailing it when it comes to summer fashion and sleek looks; her healthy bikini body proves nothing less.

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