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4 Kettlebell Exercises To Get Rid of 'Moobs' as You Age

Strengthen and tone your chest with these pro-recommended exercises.

Most gym enthusiasts have one particular area of their body that's their main focus. For some individuals, it's a thick waist. Others spend a solid amount of time strengthening flabby arms. Another frustrating issue to address during workouts happens to be man boobs, also known as "moobs." If you fall into this frustrating category, we are here with four kettlebell exercises to get rid of moobs as you age.

To learn exactly how to tackle this stubborn area, Eat This, Not That! spoke with Chad Barribeau, BS, CSCS, a field support director for D1 Training, a leading fitness concept that spotlights the five basic tenets of athletic-based training to help individuals at any age accomplish their fitness goals. Barribeau is also a certified nutritionist and has worked with a ton of NFL, MLB, and NHL athletes. He specifically raves about using kettlebells in workout programs, as they provide a wealth of benefits that you won't get with other equipment.

Barribeau explains, "How you can manipulate your grip and load the muscles is very different from using traditional dumbbells. Depending on the grip, you can create 'chaos' and make movements much more unstable, causing muscles to strain even more, further strengthening them through the entire range of motion."

Barribeau suggests some specific kettlebell exercises for toning and strengthening your chest to get rid of moobs, including the bottoms-up kettlebell bench press. "This will cause a great change in balance/stability throughout the movement," he tells us, adding, "A few other great movements to incorporate into your program would be supine lying kettlebell pullover, kettlebell chest flys, and standing kettlebell chest press."

Kettlebells are a total staple for any solid routine, as they provide such variation and challenge to many basic moves. Let's get started with this productive workout!

Bottoms-Up Kettlebell Bench Press

man sitting on workout bench with kettlebells, concept of how to get rid of moobs

First up is the bottoms-up kettlebell bench press. To get started, form a standard bench press position. Next, take hold of the kettlebell horn; the bell should be pointing up toward the sky. Using control, slowly start the movement using a similar form to a standard dumbbell bench press.

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Supine Lying Kettlebell Pullover

Start this next exercise by lying flat on your back, using the floor or a bench. Then, take hold of the round bell part of your kettlebell. Lower the kettlebell to chest level, maintaining straight arms. Next, bring it back to the starting position.

Kettlebell Chest Flys

Begin your chest flys by taking the horn of your kettlebell; the round bell should be on the back of your forearm/wrist. While keeping your elbows bent and firm, start to lower both arms to each side. Squeeze your chest while returning your arms to the start position. This motion should resemble hugging a tree.

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Standing Kettlebell Chest Press

For the standing kettlebell chest press, stand straight and keep a firm hold on the kettlebell on one side as you attempt to push both of your hands together. At the same time, press the kettlebell slowly away from your torso, then get back into the starting position. You should be consistently squeezing the kettlebell throughout the move.

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