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McDonald's Just Launched 2 New Chicken Sandwiches—But There's a Catch

Both feature a popular tangy condiment.

McDonald's just added even more fuel to the raging chicken sandwich wars with two new items that feature a popular tangy condiment.

The Golden Arches has expanded its already lengthy lineup of sandwiches with a new Ranch McCrispy and Bacon Ranch McCrispy. The catch with these new items is that they're available exclusively in McDonald's restaurants in Canada right now, so American customers will have to crave them from afar.

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McDonald's Ranch McCrispy
McDonald's Canada

The Ranch McCrispy features a piece of 100% Canadian-raised seasoned chicken, tangy ranch sauce, shredded lettuce, and pickles on a soft potato bun. The Bacon Ranch McCrispy features all of the same elements, plus hickory-smoked bacon.

McDonald's Canada Bacon Ranch McCrispy
McDonald's Canada

If the Bacon Ranch McCrispy rings any bells for McDonald's fans in the United States, that's because you've probably seen it before! McDonald's announced in March that it was changing the name of its popular Crispy Chicken Sandwich to the "McCrispy," giving it the "Mc"stamp of honor only seen on iconic items like Chicken McNuggets and the McFlurry. To commemorate the rebrand, McDonald's debuted a new Bacon Ranch McCrispy and Bacon Ranch Deluxe McCrispy at American restaurants nationwide for a limited time this past spring. However, the bacon-laden item didn't hit Canadian McDonald's menus until this week. 

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The two new chicken sandwiches will only be available for a limited time at participating restaurants across Canada, so anyone interested in trying them shouldn't wait too long before doing so. Suggested prices for both items weren't available.

The McCrispy sandwiches are only the latest new additions to Canadian McDonald's menus this summer. Just last week, McDonald's Canada introduced new Mighty McMuffin and Mighty McGriddle sandwiches stacked high with a double portion of hickory-smoked bacon and breakfast sausage. The chain also released a new Squishmallows McFlurry exclusively in Canada earlier in August.

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Burger King has added a series of new menu items to its Canadian menus over the past week as well. It just debuted three new Breakfast Wraps, plus four spicy new menu items that all revolve around the jalapeño pepper: a Jalapeño Whopper, Jalapeño Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Spicy Jalapeño Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and Jalapeño Chicken Wrap.

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