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Ex-McDonald's Chef Reveals Why Snack Wraps May Never Return

Customers have been pleading for the return of Snack Wraps ever since they were discontinued.

McDonald's fans have been begging, pleading, and even petitioning the chain to bring back its beloved Snack Wraps ever since they were discontinued. But according to a key McDonald's insider, the chances that customers will ever see the highly requested item return to menus are pretty much nonexistent.

For the uninitiated, McDonald's Snack Wraps featured chicken, lettuce, shredded cheese, and sauce inside a tortilla wrap. Customers loved the wraps for their taste and affordability at less than $2 apiece, but their intense popularity still wasn't enough to stop McDonald's from discontinuing them back in 2016.

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Chef Mike Haracz, who used to work as a McDonald's corporate chef, runs a TikTok account where he frequently shares unique insights based on his time and experience with the chain. In a recent video that has racked up more than 10,000 views, he offered an insider perspective on why McDonald's retired the Snack Wraps—and why they're probably gone for good.

Haracz said that one of the major reasons that McDonald's no longer sells Snack Wraps is "operational complexity," which means that they're "harder to make."

McDonald's has also resisted bringing back Snack Wraps in spite of their popularity because the company knows that many customers will still visit McDonald's and spend their money on other items anyway, according to Haracz. He said that when McDonald's adds limited time offers to the menu like the McRib or a limited-edition shake flavor, many people will order those items once and then "go back to their original order."

"So there is not a big, profitable reason why they should keep all of these other items. Because you, the consumer, usually just go back to your normal order. And that is why everyone can say that they want the Snack Wrap back, but you're still going to McDonald's and you're buying other things which makes McDonald's happy."

While McDonald's customers don't currently have access to those highly coveted Snack Wraps in the United States, they can still order them if they ever take a trip to Canada. McDonald's restaurants in Canada currently sell a range of different Snack Wraps with either crispy or grilled chicken.

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American McDonald's customers can also potentially cure their cravings for chicken wraps at one of the chain's biggest rivals. Burger King just debuted a new line of Royal Crispy Wraps at American restaurants earlier this month. The wraps—available in Classic, Spicy, and Honey Mustard flavors—all feature crispy white meat chicken, tomato, and lettuce, wrapped inside a soft flour tortilla. While the new items haven't been received well with some Burger King customers, others have been raving about them.

"The chicken wraps at Burger King are amazing. Especially the honey mustard wrap," one customer wrote in a recent post on X, the social media site formerly known as Twitter.

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