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9 Most Incredible Costco Deals Right Now, According to Shoppers

Costco shoppers have spotted a slew of tempting discounts this week.
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If you're a member at Costco, you love a great deal. You can find bargain prices on bulk groceries at Costco during pretty much any shopping trip, but this week is shaping up to be a particularly exciting one in terms of discounts at the warehouse club.

Shoppers have spotted a slew of amazing deals on all sorts of food items at Costco over the past couple of days. And luckily for other fans, they've been sharing all of these tempting discounts with the Costco community on Reddit. So we've rounded up all of the best deals available at Costco right now for customers looking to take advantage of as many discounts as possible.

Just keep in mind that deals available at one warehouse aren't necessarily available at all warehouses. Still, it can't hurt to keep an eye out for these items at your own warehouse just in case any similar markdowns are being offered.

Read on for the nine most amazing deals available at Costco right now!

1. Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

One Costco location's overzealous ordering of boneless skinless chicken breasts has reportedly led to some stellar deals for shoppers. A Redditor reported this week that their local warehouse was selling 40-pound boxes of chicken for just $26 after ordering too much of the protein. This breaks down to just 65 cents per pound. For comparison, packages of Costco's Kirkland Signature Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts are priced at $3.50 per pound online in New Jersey right now (prices may vary in stores and in other parts of the country).

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2. Mingle Mocktails

Mingle Mocktails, a brand of alcohol free drinks, are seeing an extreme markdown in at least one warehouse right now. A Redditor spotted a variety pack of eight Mingle Mocktails for just $2.97 and alerted fellow shoppers on Reddit this week.

While the Mingle Mocktails website doesn't currently list the exact same variety pack, a different variety pack with six cans is currently listed for $18.95. So customers lucky enough to shop at any warehouses where this deal is available can score more of the drinks for significantly less money.

3. Fresh Produce

Out of all the amazing Costco deals spotted recently, discounts on the retailer's fresh produce may be some of the most lucrative.

A Costco shopper alerted fellow shoppers on Reddit this week about significant markdowns on fresh produce at the Fremont, Ca. warehouse. The deals included 10-pound bags of organic gold potatoes discounted to just $1. Several other shoppers commented on the post about seeing similar deals on fresh produce at other warehouses, including bananas, pineapples, green beans, and cranberries priced at $1 or less.

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4. Cailler L'Atelier Artisan Inspired Chocolates

Looking for a reasonably priced chocolate collection to gift to loved ones this holiday season? If so, you might want to keep an eye out for the Cailler L'Atelier Artisan Inspired Chocolates at your local Costco. A shopper reported seeing boxes of the confections priced at just $7.97 this week. That's roughly half the price of the $14.52 the chocolates are listed for online right now in New Jersey.

5. Sugar Bowl Cranberry Orange White Chocolate Duet Bites

Sugar Bowl's Cranberry Orange White Chocolate Duet Bites may be small in size, but Costco's deal on the baked goods certainly isn't. A Costco shopper spotted 27-ounce boxes of the treats discounted to $2.97 this week.

These treats, which Sugar Bowl says are available in the San Diego area, were marked down to $2.97 this week at one Costco location. The Cranberry Orange White Chocolate Duet Bites are currently priced at $11.69 online in the San Diego area, so any local Costco members who encounter this deal can save around $8.72.

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6. Junior's Mini Bundt Cakes

Junior's may be best known for its famous cheesecakes, but that's not the only sweet treat that the brand offers at grocery stores. Junior's has also been selling eight-packs of Mini Bundt Cakes at Costco—and they've been heavily discounted at at least one warehouse this week. 

A Costco member spotted the baked goods marked down to just $2.97 this week. Other Costco customers have reported seeing Junior's Mini Bundt Cakes priced at $12.99, so that's more than a $10 discount.

7. Brewer's Advent Calendar

Beer lovers, rejoice! Costco's popular Brewer's Advent Calendar, which comes with 24 different beers you can sip in the lead up to Christmas, is being sold at an extreme discount right now. A shopper spotted the massive item priced at just $49.97 at one Costco location this week. The Advent calendar is usually priced at $69.99, so shoppers could save around $20 on the collection of brews if their warehouses are offering similar deals.

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8. Del Real Birria & Cheese Pupusas

Costco's Del Real Birria & Cheese Pupusas currently cost $17.54 online in New Jersey, but if you're lucky, you may be able to snag a box right now for a fraction of that price. A shopper reported seeing the item priced at just $1.97 at their local Costco this week. So, fans of the pupusas lucky enough to encounter this deal or a similar markdown might want to consider stocking up.

9. El Camino Real Bakery Organic Coconut Bites

The same Costco shopper who spotted the tantalizing deal on the Del Real pupusas also spotted a great discount on the El Camino Real Bakery Organic Coconut Bites. These tiny treats currently cost $10.52 in New Jersey, but they were marked down to just $2.97 at one warehouse, according to the shopper.

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