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5 Things to Know About Costco's Custom Cakes Before You Order

Costco's custom cakes are quick and affordable—if you can figure out the club's quaint ordering system.
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From birthday parties to weddings, there are very few special occasions where cake wouldn't be a welcome addition. Those classic desserts are grandiose enough to work as a beautiful centerpiece at any major celebration. Plus, they're super shareable and often big enough to feed a crowd. Between all of the different cake styles, flavors, fillings, frostings, and decorations to choose from, it's also safe to say that pretty much anyone can find at least one version that they enjoy. 

Costco's custom cake services are one of the many tantalizing perks that shoppers have access to at the popular warehouse club. But if you've never designed, ordered, and picked up a custom Costco cake before, the process may seem a little confusing or daunting—and perhaps even a bit mysterious. So, to help any members looking to dip their toes into the world of personalized Costco cakes for the first time, we've rounded up all of the essential details.

From prices and flavors to where you need to place your orders, here are five things you should know before ordering a custom Costco cake.

You can choose from a range of flavors, sizes, and decorations

Costco cake designs
Photo: Zoe Strozewski, Eat This, Not That!

Choosing to order a cake from Costco is only one of several decisions you'll have to make before you pick up your custom dessert. Perhaps the most important decision of all is selecting what you want your cake to look and taste like.

Costco currently offers two cake flavors: a white cake with a white icing and cheesecake mousse filling, and a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and chocolate mousse filling. Customers can order either flavor in one of two sizes: a 10-inch round cake that's meant to serve 16 people, or a half sheet cake that's meant to serve 48 people.

Once you've chosen your cake flavor and size, you'll have to select your design. Costco offers a range of predetermined designs meant to celebrate all of the big life events. For example, a member ordering a cake for a birthday party can request balloons or candles piped on top, while a customer throwing a baby shower can request a cake with a baby rattle piped on top. Or, if you want something a little more understated, Costco also offers cakes with roses piped in your color of choice. Whichever design you choose, you can also request custom writing on your cake in your icing color of choice.

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But don't expect to get custom piping

Piping icing

While members do have the power to choose the flavor, size, and writing on their custom cakes, their chances of getting a custom design at the warehouse club are slim to none.

The order forms for Costco cakes don't currently allow members to ask for any custom piping or patterns aside from the predetermined designs. Some shoppers have reported in the past that certain bakery workers have been willing to accept custom design requests on rare occasions, but others have had their requests refused.

So there's no harm in checking with the bakery department at your local Costco just in case they'll be willing to accommodate you, but just prepare to be disappointed. Feel free to pick up some decorating supplies and add any personal touches you want at home if this is the case!

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They're very affordable

Costco cakes
Zoe Strozewski / Eat This, Not That!

One of the biggest draws to shopping at a members-only grocer like Costco is the bargain prices—and that perk extends to its custom cake services. Whichever custom cakes you opt for at Costco, you won't need to shell out more than $25.

The 10-inch circular cakes that can feed 16 come with a price tag of $15.99, while the half sheet cakes that can feed 48 cost $24.99. These prices are much lower than what you'll find for similar offerings at other national grocery chains. Walmart, for example, is currently charging $42.96 for a custom half sheet cake that's meant to feed 48. That's more than $15 extra for the same amount of cake.

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You have to place your order in person

Costco cake order form
Zoe Strozewski / Eat This, Not That!

In order to order a custom Costco cake, members will need to trek over their local warehouse since the retailer does not accept requests online or over the phone.

Once you arrive, head over to the bakery section and locate the cake ordering kiosk. These stands hold paper order forms and pens that you can use to choose the size, flavor, design, and custom writing you want on your cake, as well as your desired pick up date and time. Once the form is filled out, simply slip it into the small slot in the kiosk to submit it. Just make sure to return on the date and time you specified on the order form in order to collect your custom dessert.

Exactly where you'll be able to grab your finished cake may depend on the warehouse. Some shoppers on Reddit say the bakery workers at their location leave them in coolers so customers can easily grab them and go, while others say they need to ask a bakery worker to fetch the cakes for them.

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Make sure to order in advance

Costco cake pickup
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Don't head over to your local Costco expecting to leave with a custom cake if you haven't already placed your order. The cake ordering sheet advises customers to give the Costco bakery one day of advance notice for baking and decorating these personalized desserts. Since you can request a specific pick-up day for your cake anyway, there's also no harm in giving the bakery workers extra noticing and submitting your form earlier in advance if possible.

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