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10 Easy Ways to Burn Fat in 30 Minutes

Burning calories and dropping pounds doesn't come down to the counter on your usual Treadmill.

In fact, you can be a calorie-burning machine today without even thinking about the gym—you might even end up enjoying yourself. These ten activities require no weights, bands, or kettlebells, but they'll help you burn fat in just 30 minutes. We promise you're sure to find at least one activity on this list you'll gladly do for more than that. Having fun while you chisel away your belly fat—now doesn't that sound like a refreshing change from your lifting routine?

Cycle to Work

cycling to work
Ok, so you don't have time to walk to work every morning. No problem. Just swap four wheels for two. If you cycle into the office for 30 minutes at a medium-intensity pace of 12-13.9 mph, you'll burn off two bowls of cereal by the time you reach your desk.

Calories Burned: 366

Shop with a Cart

As long as you're shopping for healthy foods, the supermarket can help you slim down in two ways; grocery shopping is good exercise — even if you use a cart. Lifting and pushing movements you make while collecting everything you need around the store work your shoulders and core. Thirty minutes of grabbing food and you'll be hungry for a snack.

Calories Burned: 155

Shoot Pool with Your Friends

shooting pool
Yes, you can burn calories on your night out on the town; just relocate the group outing to a bar with a pool table. For every couple games of pool you shoot, you'll burn almost the same amount of calories as there are in a 12 oz. bottle of Budweiser. Just stick to one or two beers so that your activity can make a dent in the night's festivities.

Calories Burned: 111

Clean Your Apartment

This should take some of the monotony out of that weekly cleaning session: A general apartment cleaning (think: windows, mirrors, kitchen, floors, bathrooms) burns calories at an alarmingly high rate. If your apartment takes longer than 30 minutes to clean, buck up! You're just racking up a calorie deficit.

Calories Burned: 155

Stretch Out Your Muscles

woman stretching her muscles

It's hard to believe, but stretching your muscles works stiff limbs and uses a surprising amount of energy. Grab a floor mat and burn calories while you improve your flexibility. Better yet: stretch out while you watch TV instead of just sitting on the couch. You'll still get to veg out, but it will get you closer to your better-body goals.

Calories Burned: 100

Wake Up with Hatha Yoga

Defeat your daily stress and slim down while you do it; doing half an hour of hatha yoga in the a.m. will relieve stress, warm up your muscles, burn calories and clear your mind for the day. Yoga also diminishes levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which – if left unchecked – causes your body to store fat. Don't know any poses? Download a free podcast to guide you through some sun salutations.

Calories Burned: 107

Climb Up Subway Steps

subway steps
Feel like running errands around the city wipes you out? You have good reason. If you skip the escalators and opt for stairs every time you hike out of the Subway system, you'll torch an insane amount of calories. Tourists take note: All those stairs can help balance out those indulgent vacation meals.

Calories Burned: 285

Wash Your Car

The weather's nice, so skip the drive-through carwash and do the sudsing yourself. Even if you skip the wax treatment entirely, you'll stash away enough calories to enjoy a beer on the porch, guilt free.

Calories Burned: 200

Rearrange Furniture

couple moving furniture

How long has it been since you cleaned? We mean really cleaned, as in moving all the furniture and vacuuming under the rugs. Boost your motivation by thinking about the calories you'll burn—the lifting and pushing you'll do is a good workout. Plus, everyone will appreciate your newly sparkling living room.

Calories Burned: 266

Play Beach Volleyball

Taking advantage of the warm weather by heading to the beach? Add one more thing to your bag: a volleyball. Running on sand while you play a game or two is a tough cardio workout but low-impact and easy on your leg muscles. You'll feel it the next day, but your spike-winning points will be worth it.

Calories Burned: 355

Courtesy of Men's Fitness

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