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The One Costco Bakery Hack Everyone Should Know About

Hint: It has to do with cake!

Like the products on their shelves, Costco stores are massive, so it's nearly impossible to keep track of everything happening inside of your neighborhood warehouse. Luckily, members love to share their favorite hacks, and they give us insight into how to get the most out of our money.

One of these clever tips and tricks specifically has to do with the bakery section. While there are sales from time to time on all-time classics and seasonal favorites, you can always save big—literally—in this section of the warehouse. Think 4.25-pound key lime pies for $14.99 big—that's only $3.50 a pound!

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If key lime pie isn't your style, there's a lot more the bakers behind the counter can make for you at Costco. In particular, they can create custom sheet cake orders. If you order at the bakery counter at least two days in advance, you can choose between designs like rainbows, flowers, and candles, according to

The bakery often decorates cakes for holidays—like this white cake filled with vanilla cheesecake mousse. Instagram user @costcodeals spotted it a few days before July 4. Just picture it with "Happy Birthday!" or "Congratulations!" written on top.

According to Costco's own website, cake orders can only be placed inside a warehouse—not online. While you're inside, take advantage of some of our other favorite Costo hacks.

Know the direction of the store.

Costco entrance

You may never have thought about this before, but is your warehouse laid out clockwise or counterclockwise? If you go to another warehouse that's laid out in the opposite direction, things can get confusing—and it may end up taking you longer to shop. "Went to a counterclockwise one for the first time the other day," another user said. "Such an awkward feeling."

Use this secret word.

costco meat

Order a "chub" at the deli counter during your next visit to get 10 pounds of extra lean ground beef for $2.99 a pound, one Reddit user says. Regular ground beef is $3.49 a pound, so there you have yourself a deal!

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Go for the Kirkland products.

Costco coffee aisle

Every Costco member has bought Kirkland products before, and they're fan-favorites for a reason. Most have the same ingredients as name brands but with cheaper price tags. Case in point: this case of Kirkland hard seltzers, which everyone wants for the summer.

Listen for the bell.

The Image Party / Shutterstock

You've likely heard a bell go off while you were in the warehouse. Nothing's wrong—you're actually hearing an alert that a fresh batch of rotisserie chickens is out of the oven! Next time you hear it, head straight for those warmers.

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