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This Costco Grocery Item Is "Infested" with Bugs, According to Customers

A concerned group of customers are commiserating over their experience with the common family product.

It's so disappointing when you make a satisfying grocery trip, only to find days later at home that a food you bought is moldy, overripe, or has otherwise gone bad. Unfortunately, a group of Costco customers are sharing that they experienced just that, except their discovery is especially dismaying: When one Costco member shared this weekend that a member of their family has twice become "infested" with bugs from a particular Costco product, others weighed in with their own experiences. We've got the details.

Thousands of Costco members love dishing on their groceries on Reddit. Often their shares are for grocery raves and recommendations, but on occasion, a less thrilled Costco grocery observation creeps in.

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That was the case this weekend when u/kinkybenny labeled a post: Kirkland dog bones that are infested with Drugstore Beetles ( Aka, Bread beetles, Biscuit beetles) [sic]. The user went on:

So, twice in the past 2 years I have had the misfortune of my domicile being infested with ""Drugstore beetles" and each and every time the source of the infestation has been traced to Kirkland Chicken meal & rice formula dog biscuits!! Anyone else had this misfortune as well? I have two dogs and I buy Milk-bone for the other dog ( much smaller breed ) and never had any issues with milk-bone and drugstore beetles!!!

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Several other members chimed in to share their similar experience with the Kirkland Signature dog biscuits. "Yes!" said u/SoSleepySue. "We've been infested with weevils from them a couple times even after trying to isolate them in Ziploc bags. We've given up on them and switched to the jerky treats."

A fellow user offered suggestions for how Costco members with a similar issue might circumvent the alleged bugs in Costco dog biscuits—"Try putting them in the freezer for a couple weeks when you bring them home. I do this with any grain products" said u/QMDi, while another attributed the insect occurrence in Costco dog biscuits to the notion that "the standards for human food and animal food are different."

In response, u/KinkyBenny stated twice that they're simply "done with buying anymore of the Kirkland dog biscuits."

Initial research suggests that this is a function of what "drugstore beetles" or weevils do: Known to feed on crops like grain, the Latin name for one species of weevil is actually paniceum, related to panem—Latin for "bread."

And while we can't suggest that weevils are safe for pets per se, it also seems that in many cases, these bugs wouldn't necessarily be harmful to pets if they were to ingest them or be otherwise exposed to the bugs. In fact, it turns out that some insects are increasingly becoming an ingredient in pet food.

Still, for most shoppers: This is definitely not an appetizing discovery after a grocery run. (A more appealing option might be The One Homemade Treat Everyone Is Trying for Their Pets.)

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