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Costco's Bakery Just Brought Back This Fan-Favorite Summer Item

Costco customers are dishing on their seasonal favorites, which you may find worth trying.

If you're in the summer spirit, chances are, your grocery list is involved in your prep for the season. Costco shoppers know the superstore's bakery is one of its prime destinations for stocking up—and the summertime fan-favorites are coming out of the oven at a rapid-fire pace at the patisserie de Costco right now.

We scouted Reddit's Costco community and other sources in the know to track down the best summer Costco bakery finds for your list this week. Read on to find out what your kitchen's sweets stash needs. (Editor's note: For copyright reasons, some images may differ slightly from the actual products at Costco, though we aimed to meet the closest representation as seen on social media.)

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Strawberry-Filled Croissants


The Costco bakery's strawberry-filled croissant comes first because its return is getting so much chatter across multiple social media platforms. These fruit-filled sweets are back for the season, because what says summer more than berries?

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Ham & Cheese Pastry


Costco's ham and cheese pastries are creating buzz as a recent addition to the bakery… however, we're seeing not all the reviews are so great. Some Reddit Costco community members have mentioned a texture that's not ideal, while another mentioned they were "not a fan" of the cheese's flavor. One suggested solution was to get croissants and add your own ham and cheese. Voila! That's an easy lunch to pack for the beach or pool. (Just be mindful of summer food safety.)

Vanilla Chocolate Chip Muffins


Costco's vanilla chocolate chunk muffins are "back in rotation," said redditor @cveyes. "Tastes like a chocolate chip cookie in muffin form." From what we're seeing, yes, that drizzle is the real deal.

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Haven't heard about the Costco bakery's return of the churro? Catch up!

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