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8 Foods Costco Members Are Stocking Up on for July 4th

Your favorite "haul"-iday: Prep for fireworks and festivities with these Costco finds shoppers are sharing.

The moment we've been waiting for is almost here! After a year of pandemic blues, this Fourth of July has promised to be a time for celebration again. The question is, are you ready? If you're about to make your list of grocery must-haves for Independence Day weekend, we're here to help: We've rounded up the Costco buys that are filling members' trunks this weekend.

Keep reading to learn what Costco groceries shoppers are sharing on Reddit, and get more Fourth of July gems from 9 Walmart Buys That Are "Flying Off the Shelves" Right Now. (Sign up for the Eat This, Not That! newsletter for grocery tips that come in handy.) (Editor's note: Some images may differ slightly from the actual products at Costco, though we aimed to meet the closest representation.)


ruffles original
Courtesy of Ruffles

Thanks to u/FullyLoaded707 on Reddit for sharing their "Turn up weekend" and its trunk full of Costco finds! Even if you've been practicing serious diet discipline this summer, we might agree: What's a party without a potato chip? From FullyLoaded707's full load, it's clear Costco's got your classic Ruffles. Online, we also found 64-count units of individual bags of Ruffles flavored potato chips. Read We Tasted 6 Potato Chip Brands, and This Is the Best One!

Shotty's Gelatin Shots


If you're 21 or over, Shotty's calls their pre-made gelatin shots "the perfect party starter." Maybe just remember that even though they might be yummy, summertime spirits, as well as hard seltzer, come with sometimes-forgotten side effects you might feel come July 5th…

Fresh fruit


One trend we love seeing in Costco members' hauls this weekend is fresh fruit—because especially when the party menu is abundant, it's nice to have easy-to-grab, healthier options to balance things out. Read up on one major effect of eating fruit every day.

Truly Hard Seltzer

assorted truly hard seltzer cans

Yes, in many states, some Costco stores are selling 30-packs of Truly Hard Seltzer.

 This Beloved Costco Hard Seltzer Is Back Just In Time For Summer

Burger Basics

Flexitarian ground beef mushrooms peppers onions

On Saturday, u/MotorcycleDriveBy shared a trunkload's worth of Costco goods, including what appeared to be ground beef—though, knowing Costco's generous offering of plant-based meat alternatives, this could have been from a brand like Beyond.

Kirkland Hummus

Hummus and vegetables

Costco's private label truly offers a range of healthy options, like Kirkland Signature Organic Hummus. u/MotorcycleDriveBy had stocked up on a 20-count box of 2.5-ounce containers—perfect for party people of any age.

 What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Hummus

Chobani Yogurt

Chobani greek yogurt with blueberry on the bottom yogurt cup

When you've got a morning of picnic prep ahead, a quick cup of yogurt is an easy protein source for energy. u/MotorcycleDriveBy brought the 20-count variety pack of strawberry, blueberry, peach, and black cherry Chobani yogurt at Costco this weekend. (Also don't miss which major brand of blueberries that were recalled in four U.S. states and parts of Canada late this week.)

Sweet to the Point Mini-Pointed Peppers

peppers and tomatoes

As u/MotorcycleDriveBy seems to be aware, what's 4th of July week without some sweet heat? A sweet pepper like Mucci Farms' Sweet to the Point mini-point peppers at Costco will bring versatility to your spread as a great add to a veggie platter, in salads, on kabob skewers, or chopped finely for a marinade. Our recent holiday picnic recipes roundup featured a grilled chicken sandwich with sweet peppers used in the sauce that could help you wow your crowd.

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