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One Major Side Effect of Eating Bananas Every Day, Say Experts

The simple fruit has a complex payoff.
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A banana a day… keeps your gut health in check. So it's not exactly a catchy rhyme or widespread saying, but it is true. When it comes to the benefits of eating bananas every day, it's all in what the fruit does for your gut.

Here's why, and for even more healthy tips, be sure to check out our list of The 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now.

Nutritionist Heather Hanks explained that bananas are one of the only foods that contain prebiotic fiber, "a type of fiber that 'feeds' the good bacteria in your gut."

The benefits of prebiotic fiber are not in short-order. The nutrient "can help boost your immune system, stabilize blood sugar levels, and keep your weight down," Hanks continues.

She also cited a 2011 study in which women ate a banana daily and reportedly experienced reduced gastrointestinal bloating. The good gut bacteria works wonders!

In that same study, Hanks adds, "the authors noted that eating bananas may help healthy women with unwanted weight gain." So eating bananas not only helps in maintaining health, but it can also help with your weight maintenance efforts.

It's important to have good gut health!

Rachel Fine, RD and owner of To the Point Nutrition, expands on the importance and power of good gut health. She explains that the fiber in bananas "supports digestive regularity."

Elizabeth Ward MS, RD, also backs up this claim. Ward says she eats a banana every day, and in addition to keeping your digestion regular, the best effects of the fruit are the "feeling of fullness" and their high potassium content, which can help keep blood pressure in control.

One banana has enough potassium to account for 10% of your daily intake, so eating bananas every day goes a long way towards ensuring that you consume the correct amount of the nutrient.

Omiete Charles-Davies, a medical doctor and founder of One Doctor, explains that potassium helps with good muscle activity and regulating fluid balance.

All in all, experts endorse bananas for a number of reasons. The single best side effect of peeling the staple, though? Helping your gut. For even stronger gut health, check out our list of 20 Best Foods for Gut Health.

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