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Taco Bell is Rumored To Be Serving This New Exclusive Drink

Move over, Baja Blast.

From the launch of the limited-time Baja Blast Birthday Freeze to the temporary rollout of the Island Berry Freeze, Taco Bell isn't afraid to shake things up in the drink department. And now, the Mexican fast-food chain is allegedly selling a new beverage, according to fan speculations on Reddit.

After Reddit user Shadowfrostheart posted a photo of an advertisement for the Dragon Paradise flavor of Brisk Sparkling Tea, more than two dozen users flocked to the thread, with many confirming the drink's availability at their local Taco Bell.

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According to Brisk's website, the Dragon Paradise Sparkling Tea "is the perfect balance of tropical dragonfruit, juicy raspberry and blackberry flavor, and an uplifting hibiscus tea all in one refreshing fizzy sensation." For those seeking out the new drink, the website features a store locator for customers to find nearby Taco Bell locations that offer it.

Additionally, other users took to the Reddit thread to share how they have been drinking the sparkling tea, with several individuals writing that they have mixed it with other fountain drinks, such as Sierra Mist, Baja Blast, and what can be assumed to be the Brisk Mango Fiesta Iced Tea.

While Reddit user PenStride wrote that the drink "should be officially available everywhere at the start of the next experience. (April 14)," Taco Bell has yet to confirm any details regarding the drink's launch or tenure.

The release of the Dragon Paradise Sparkling Tea comes almost a month after the return of Taco Bell's iconic Nacho Fries. However, after gracing the menu for just a few weeks, customers had reported shortages of the popular item, with many Taco Bell fans taking their disappointment to Twitter and Reddit.

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