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4 Taco Bell Items Customers Say Are the Worst

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Taco Bell can't win them all. For every "best burrito ever" or cult-fave Mexican Pizza, there's a misfire, like those best-forgotten Island Freezes and the baffling attempt at chicken wings.

The Mexican fast-food titan is certainly not averse to thinking outside the box and going bold with menu items, like the controversy-inducing Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco, which is likely why the chain constantly finds itself at the nexus of Reddit debates. While the Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco stirred up its own Reddit hoopla, now there's another thread taking a broader approach to the company's least liked menu items.

Titled "What item on the Taco Bell menu can we all agree just sucks," the Reddit discussion reads like a confessional sounding board for disheartened Taco Bell fans who have a bone to pick with certain dishes. From woebegone dessert attempts to overpriced bowls, these are the items at Taco Bell that customers say are the worst.

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Cinnamon Twists

taco bell cinnamon twists
Taco Bell / Facebook

Maybe health-conscious desserts aren't really top of mind for customers ordering a Cheesy Gordita Crunch, which is what makes Taco Bell's cinnamon twists a bit of a mystery. Dessert options at Taco Bell are limited as is, which in and of itself is a gripe for Reddit users, but some just say that the cinnamon-sugar crisps are lackluster.

"My fiancé loves the twists, but I don't get it," says one commenter. "Taco Bell really needs a good dessert option." Another customer adds that, while they don't hate the twists, they prefer the Cinnabon Delights, although they wish the portion options were a little more accommodating.

Then there's the texture issue, with one commenter saying they taste like you're chewing packing peanuts.

Other users chime in with bygone desserts they miss and would prefer, like caramel apple empanadas, Choco Tacos, and as one user points out, the cinnamon crispers that pre-dated the twists—and were superior. If you're really desperate to add some flavor to the cinnamon twists, though, one daring diner suggests dunking them in nacho cheese sauce.

Power Bowls

taco bell power chicken bowl
Courtesy of Taco Bell

Taco Bell's Power Bowls are another attempt at health-conscious items. They're hearty, wholesome options that eschew tortillas for grilled chicken, seasoned rice and black beans, cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, reduced-fat sour cream, avocado ranch, and guacamole.

If that sounds a bit off-brand for Taco Bell, some Reddit users agree. "I love tbell, but if I were to get something like that I would go to chipotle," says one commenter. Another customer says that Power Bowls slap if you get a good one, but are way too expensive. "If you start making substitutions or adding things, it can be close to $7 alone," they say, bemoaning the fact that they can't be made into combos.

Several other commenters jump on the bandwagon, with most saying they actually like Power Bowls, but the universal consensus is that they're too pricey. "I find it too expensive too for a TB item," DudeMatt94 says. "I think if they made the power bowl like 5.50 including nachos it'd be something more people would consider."

And while one low-carb commenter likes it for how customizable it is, Power Bowls are a double-edged sword in that customization inflates the cost. "9.80 after I add my swaps and extra stuff," they say. "I wish there was a Chipotle that was closer to me than 40 min."

Cheesy Roll-Ups

taco bell cheesy roll up best
Courtesy of Taco Bell

Turns out, even at Taco Bell, there is such a thing as too simple. Case in point, the maligned Cheesy Roll-Ups. On paper, a tortilla rolled with cheese sounds pretty perfect, but many Reddit users aren't too thrilled about them. "I think everyone can agree the cheesy roll up sucks," one user puts it bluntly.

Another adds that, by themselves, the Cheesy Roll-Ups simply don't cut it, but they hack it by unrolling them and wrapping them around crunchy tacos.

For value specifically, another user says these are the worst. "It's literally a shell and cheese, $1 is almost too much."

Other users say that they're mainly good for young kids, or as spill-proof "appetizers" on the car ride home, but the fact that another Reddit commenter primarily gets Cheesy Roll-Ups for their dog isn't exactly glowing praise. "They probably wonder what kind of weirdo actually orders three of them every time I go."

Nacho Fries

nacho fries
Fuzzy Traveler/ Flickr

Nacho Fries are extremely popular, no argument there. However, users say they can wildly vary in quality, with one user going so far to say they taste like they're cooked by a microwave and left to sit under a heat lamp.

"I have never had a Nacho fry that wasn't room temp/cold when I ordered them," decries one commenter. "I'm sure they're great, but the Taco Bell's I go to never make them fresh."

Another user agrees: "Every time I got them (which was often) they were always room temperature/cold and soggy." For a potato dish that doesn't suffer from sogginess, one user suggests that the cheesy potatoes are preferable to the Nacho Fries.

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