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Trader Joe's Just Placed Product Limits on These 4 Items

These items are going fast, and TJ's is trying to slow it down.

From America's favorite Orange Chicken to Everything But The Bagel seasoning, there's no shortage of in-demand products at Trader Joe's. In order to make sure that everyone gets in on the action, the beloved supermarket chain sometimes limits the number of popular groceries that shoppers can purchase.

TJ's is placing purchase limits on four products, which thankfully don't have anything to do with the pandemic. As it turns out, fans simply can't get enough of the sought-after (and cheap!) items listed below. (Related: For more on what you should and shouldn't pick up on your next TJ's run, here are The Best & Worst Trader Joe's Foods—Ranked!)

Brazil Nut Body Butter

Trader Joe's Brazil Nut Body Butter
Courtesy of Amazon

According to its label, this body butter is purportedly a cheap dupe of "a very popular $45 cream." Right now, customers can reportedly only buy one or two of the $5.99 containers at a time. Reddit user @madcity222 recently spotted this purchase limit, saying that "Trader Joe's is listening" to make sure everyone who wants the Brazil Nut Body Butter can get their hands on it.

Some commenters said their neighborhood stores don't even have this product yet. The fact that there's already a limit suggests that it could be on the fast track to fame.

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Ube Mochi Pancake and Waffle Mix

Trader Joe's Ube Mochi Pancake & Waffle Mix
Courtesy of Trader Joe's

Anything ube has been flying off the shelves at TJ's, and the Ube Mochi Pancake and Waffle Mix is no exception. With so many fans wanting to make a breakfast centered around purple yam pancakes or waffles, a purchase limit was inevitably put in place. Customers can only purchase one $3.99 box each, according to Reddit user @MilkTeaAddct.

Ube Tea Cookies

Trader Joe's Ube Tea Cookies
Courtesy of Trader Joe's

Anything in the ube family is apparently hard to track down, but Trader Joe's is trying to make sure that there's plenty to go around. TJ's also placed product limits on its Ube Tea Cookies, according to a photo posted to Reddit by user @breathfromanother.

The purple yam shortbread cookies with powdered sugar are a relatively new arrival, but Trader Joe's knows that anything ube is magic.

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Yoga Skeletons

Trader Joe's yoga skeletons
Courtesy of Trader Joe's

These air plant holders are a popular Halloween decoration, and the hauntingly flexible decorations are more scarce than ever as we get closer to spooky season. Some people are even reselling Trader Joe's Yoga Skeletons on websites like Amazon and eBay. In order to keep the supply in check, Trader Joe's is limiting the number of skeletons that can be bought at one time to three, much to the delight of fans on Reddit. (One user claims that they saw an individual trying to buy 60 at one time!)

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