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10 Weight Loss Recipes People Are Currently Obsessed With

Losing weight doesn’t mean saying goodbye to delicious eats!

Just because you've set an audacious goal to lose more weight doesn't mean you need to sacrifice eating some of the meals you love. In fact, multiple experts say that intense food restriction isn't actually the solution for long-term weight loss. Instead, feeding yourself wholesome meals full of good-for-you ingredients like lean protein, fiber-rich carbs, and healthy fats is actually the way to go for weight loss success—and there are plenty of delicious recipes you can make packed with all three.

In order to inspire you to make some delicious, healthy, weight loss recipes, we turned to a recent Reddit thread where healthy foodies shared some of their clever creations that helped them lose weight. From tasty desserts to filling mains and even a few snacks, here are some of the weight loss recipes the Internet is currently obsessed over.

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Keto Berry Mug Cake

keto mug cake from Reddit
Courtesy of Reddit

Made with coconut flour and a zero-calorie sweetener, this mug cake from Reddit user u/towms is the perfect sweet treat if you're looking to keep your carb count low.

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Roasted Mushroom Tacos

roasted mushroom tacos from reddit
Courtesy of Reddit

For anyone looking to follow a plant-forward diet, these roasted mushroom tacos from Redditer u/allfood_for_thought still bring the flavor while slimming down the amount of fat you would usually get from meaty taco mains.

Mini Bunless Burger Bites

mini bunless burgers from reddit
Courtesy of Reddit

You don't always need the bun to enjoy mini burger sliders! This clever appetizer from Reddit user u/thatown2 lightens up your usual go-to game day food by piling mini burger patties with cheese and tomatoes on lettuce leaves, all pinched together with toothpicks.

Ham and Dill Breakfast Muffins

ham and dill breakfast muffins from reddit
Courtesy of Reddit

Another keto mug muffin to try at home thanks to u/towms! This mini muffin is the perfect alternative to your usual breakfast quiche, made with almond and coconut flour to lean down the carbs and flavored with salty cooked ham.

Did you know your muffin tin can be a hand tool for portion control?

Keto Creamy Coconut Lemon Salmon

creamy keto lemon salmon from reddit
Courtesy of Reddit

This filling creamy salmon recipe from u/towms is cooked with coconut milk to keep your meal rich as well as nutritious. Pair it with a side salad for the perfect elegant weeknight dinner.

Zoodles with Meat Marinara

zoodles with meaty marinara from reddit
Courtesy of Reddit

When you're looking for something delicious to make for a cozy night in, this bowl of meat marinara over cooked zoodles by u/Miszteek can easily be a go-to.

Steak Air Fryer Dinner

steak air fryer dinner from reddit
Courtesy of Reddit

Another easy meal from u/Miszteek that you can whip up in just 20 minutes' time, thanks to your nifty air fryer! Grab a lean cut of steak to cook up with some peppers and onions for a salty, savory dinner that will be ready in a flash.

Baked Tofu Sushi Bowls with Wasabi Tahini Sauce

baked tofu sushi bowl from reddit
Courtesy of Reddit

For anyone looking to go plant-based, this baked tofu dinner by u/samilyan certainly can enter your meal rotation. Top it on a bed of brown rice with fresh veggies and avocado to increase the fiber and healthy fats of your meal—both essential elements in meals for hitting your weight loss goals.

Stuffed Peppers

tuna stuffed peppers from reddit
Courtesy of Reddit

While most stuffed peppers are cooked with ground beef or turkey, these stuffed peppers by u/SwansEscapedRonson are simply filled with canned tuna mixed with Greek yogurt, red onion, peas, and parmesan. Serve with a side of veggies or a salad for an easy weeknight lunch or dinner!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Puff Rice Treats

chocolate peanut butter puff treats from reddit
Courtesy of Reddit

With just 64 calories per serving, this crunchy treat from u/sojo1818 is the perfect snack when you've got a craving for something sweet, but don't want to overdo it on the calories.

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