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10 Old-Fashioned Sodas You Forgot You Loved

You might be distinctly reminded how good these soda pops taste.

For a lot of us, when we were growing up, soda wasn't a totally forbidden food, but a special treat enjoyed at a picnic, party, or some other fun celebration. That's probably why we crave and fondly remember those sweet, tasty, old-fashioned sodas all these years later. 

Some of these colas and sodas are long gone from store shelves, but others are still available if you know where to look. Do you remember how much you loved these 10 sodas as a kid? Read on and see how many you've tried. Plus, don't miss 12 Discontinued Sodas That Returned After Customer Outcry.


moxie soda
Courtesy of Moxie

The official soda of Maine (yes, really!), Moxie was created in the state in 1884 and you can still try the sweet and faintly bitter soda today.

RC Cola

RC cola

This vintage soda has deep roots in the south, where even today it's enjoyed with a Moon Pie. Created in Georgia by a pharmacist in 1905 (he was sick of selling Coca-Cola), the makers also created Nehi soda. 

Frostie Soda

frostie soda

Created in Maryland in 1939, by the 1950s it was being bottled at 300 plants across the US. Frostie was available in Root Beer, Cherry Limeade, Vanilla Root Beer, Blue Creme, and other sweet flavors.

Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer

Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer
Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer / Facebook

Dad's Root Beer was created in Chicago in 1937, and that familiar flavor is still popular today. Dad's also makes cream soda, orange cream soda, blue cream soda, and red cream soda, as well as lemon-lime soda Bubble Up.

Hires Root Beer

Hires Root Beer

Sadly, you can't find this classic American root beer anywhere anymore. One of the first sodas developed and sold at classic soda fountains, Hires was eventually bought by the company that owns A&W and shuttered.

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Nehi Soda

Nehi Soda

Most of us remember the three main flavors of Nehi Soda—grape, peach, and orange—which paired perfectly with an afterschool snack. Created in 1924, the sweet drink is still available, but primarily by the case on Amazon.


Courtesy of Cheerwine

Another Southern classic, this bright red soda with the wild cherry flavor was created during World War I and remains a popular favorite. We think this particular soda pairs extraordinarily well with BBQ. 

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Jolt Cola

Jolt Cola

Created in 1985, Jolt was the precursor to energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster, with high levels of caffeine and sugar—with a sweet cola taste.

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Vernor's Ginger Ale


If you had a stomach ache as a kid, chances are your mom or grandma would give you a little glass of Vernor's to settle your stomach. Created in 1866, Vernon's Ginger Ale is the oldest soda pop in America, and it's still on store shelves!

Aspen Soda

aspen soda in glass with apple slice

This soda, with a "tantalizing snap of apple," was popular in the 1970s, but you won't see it on store shelves today.

It's safe to say that the heyday of soda is over, but we can still remember these old-fashioned sweet sips fondly.

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