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4 Quick & Effective Floor Exercises for Men

Get into excellent shape with these fast and productive moves.
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If you're looking for a fast yet ultra-productive floor workout, look no further than the below mat exercises. Working with just your body weight can be an underrated form of training that comes with a variety of benefits. Bodyweight moves offer a stellar workout, and you can perform them wherever you may be—in your living room, at the park, or on vacation. They help you build muscle, improve your flexibility, and boost your muscle endurance, Harvard Health Publishing explains. That's why we're here today with four quick and effective floor exercises for men to get into excellent shape.

Michael Scott Birro, master trainer for Club Pilates, says the below moves are "sure to get you fit fast." Birro explains that some of these exercises may be contraindicated because of certain physical ailments. It's always smart to consult with a certified professional before kickstarting any new fitness routine.

So what are you waiting for? Keep reading to learn about the best fast floor exercises for men, and next, don't miss the 7 Best Exercises for Men to Gain Strength Without Equipment.

1. Roll-ups

man pilates roll-up to get rid of belly overhang

The roll-up is a total-body spinal flexion-based exercise that works your abs. To begin, lie down on your back, completely extending your legs. Point your feet, and keep your arms straight toward the ceiling "like a Pilates zombie," Birro explains. Then, take a deep breath in to prep, and when you breathe out, gradually roll your body up from your head all the way down to your toes, reaching toward your feet. Come back to the position you started in in a controlled, gradual manner. Complete four to eight reps.

2. Spine Twists

This is another total-body exercise that targets your abs, and it's spinal rotation-based. Begin by sitting tall with both legs extended and placed hip-width apart. Your ankles should be flexed with your toes pointed toward your body, and your arms should be long and lifted, reaching away from you with your palms facing down. Once you're set up, twist your body to the right, and pulse three times deeper into the rotation while keeping your legs stable. Come back to the starting position, and repeat the motion on your left side. Perform three to six reps.

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3. Double Leg Lower/Lift (with an optional curl-up)

This lower ab and leg move begins with you lying flat on your back with both legs extended and raised to form a 90-degree angle. Then, bring your legs down to a 45-degree angle before lifting them back up to the position you started in. Complete eight to 10 reps.

As a bonus, Birro suggests, "Add an upper ab challenger by curling up just past your shoulder blades, with your elbows bent and hands supporting the weight of your skull while lowering and lifting your legs."

4. Pushups

man doing pushups at home demonstrating how to reach your ideal weight fast without equipment

Last but not least, these quick and effective floor exercises for men wrap up with pushups. Birro walks you through this classic total-body move with a Pilates twist. You'll begin by standing tall with both arms at your sides. Then, start to roll your upper body down until your hands touch the floor. Then, walk yourself out to a high plank, where your body should form a straight line from your head to your feet. Form a narrow bend in your elbows and extend them three times before coming back to the position you started in. Complete three sets of three reps.

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