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The 1-Month Floor Workout for Washboard Abs

Create strength and definition in your core with five exercises.

In order to achieve an impressively toned set of washboard abs, you need to turn healthy habits into a lifestyle. With beach season around the corner, you'll be pleased to hear that you can sculpt a slim, tight, and defined middle in just one month's time. We chatted with Tyler Read, the founder of and a personal trainer who's been involved in health and fitness for the past 15 years, who shares the one-month floor workout for washboard abs that'll turn heads at the beach and beyond.

Training your core—which includes your stomach, pelvis, hips, and lower back—is crucial to ensuring all of these muscles can work together efficiently, the Mayo Clinic explains. This helps boost both your stability and balance. Many sports, hobbies, and daily tasks require a strong, stable core. The best part is, you don't need to carve out hours at the gym in order to build strength and definition in your abdominals.

Read's one-month routine outlines some of the best exercises that will help you reach your end game, and you can do them all at home (or wherever you may be). He explains, "Hitting your core with a variety of movements is the best way to get a sculpted midsection, since you are making sure all muscles in the area receive attention."

Along with sticking to a solid fitness regimen, you can't forget about diet. (After all, we did say you need to follow an all-around healthy lifestyle to see results.) According to Medical News Today, choosing the right foods can help speed up your metabolism, keep you feeling full, and promote a decrease in body fat. To inspire you for your next grocery store run, consider adding lean meats like beef and pork, poultry, fatty fish like salmon, eggs, fresh fruits, non-starchy veggies, beans and legumes, and unrefined grains to your shopping cart. And of course, don't forget to get your fill of H2O.

Keep reading to learn all about Read's one-month floor workout for washboard abs. And next, be sure to check out The 5-Minute Strength Workout To Lose Belly Fat & Gain Abs.


woman doing bird-dog exercise

The first exercise in our one-month floor workout for washboard abs is stellar at boosting your core stability, mobility, and posture, MasterClass explains. You'll begin on all fours with your hands positioned below your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Activate your core, and tuck your chin. Then, straighten your right arm ahead of you and your left leg behind you. Remain in this position for a moment before bringing your arm and leg back and repeating on the other side. Complete 10 reps.

Side Planks

woman side planks

The side plank begins with you lying down on your side on a workout mat. Your elbow should be lined up with your shoulder, and your forearm should be flat on the floor ahead of you, PureGym explains. Your top leg should be stacked on top of your bottom leg. Press your body up from the floor so that a straight line forms all the way from your head to your toes. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

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Russian Twists

woman doing Russian twists with medicine ball

To set up for Russian twists, sit on the floor, bend both knees, and have a weight plate (or medicine ball) in your hands. Next, raise your heels from the floor, activate your core, and twist your torso to the left until your arms form a parallel position to the ground, PureGym explains. Exhale, and return to the start position. Repeat the twisting motion to the right side, and continue to alternate while keeping your core braced.

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Leg Raises

woman doing leg raises floor workout for washboard abs

Begin leg raises by lying flat on your back. Make sure your lower back remains in contact with the ground throughout this exercise. Take a deep breath in, and keep your legs together as you raise them about two feet off the floor. Breathe out as you bring them down about six inches. Repeat for 10 reps.

Bicycle Crunches

women doing bicycle crunches

According to MasterClass, this bodyweight exercise really puts your core muscles to work. Bicycle crunches are a great way to incorporate a cardio component into any abs workout.

To begin, lie down on your back on a workout mat. Bring your hands to the back of your head. Your shoulders and head should be lifted a bit off the floor. Activate your core, and bring your knees to your chest. Then, initiate the movement by crunching your left side upward while bringing your left elbow to your right knee. Your left leg should be completely extended. Then, do the same with your right side and right elbow. Continue to alternate for 20 reps.

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