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6 Popular Restaurant Chains With the Best Brisket

Few meats are as tender and juicy as a slow-cooked beef brisket, and these restaurants do it right.
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When you think of barbecue, brisket is one of the most delectable main dishes you can get. This cut of meat cooks at a low temperature for a long time and when done right, the result is tender, juicy, and savory. There are two parts of the full beef brisket: the flat cut, which is leaner and traditionally used in Jewish cooking, and the point cut, which has more fat marbling and is great for barbecue or shredding. Brisket is also used to make pastrami, corned beef, pot roast, and even pho.

Hanukkah starts on Dec.7 and many people will eat brisket along with latkes, the traditional potato pancakes, to celebrate the holiday. But, anytime you go out for barbecue, brisket is always a top choice on the menu. You could slow-roast your own brisket, but there are many restaurant chains that serve a great brisket—and even if you're not local, some take online orders nationwide.

We rounded up the top chains that serve brisket so you can enjoy that distinct, smoky, rich meat without any effort. Read on to see the top spots for when that brisket craving hits.

Mighty Quinn's

mighty quinn's barbeque food
Mighty Quinn's Barbeque – Union / Facebook

This New York-based barbecue chain with locations on the East Coast—and one in Dubai!—features brisket and a brisket sandwich on the menu. Pitmaster Hugh Mangum is on a "personal quest for slow smoked perfection," and he uses all-natural meats, seasoned with select spice blends and smokes them with wood for "many, many hours," according to the chain. All the meat here is hand carved per order.

"I'm just getting in to smoking, and a member of my family has said that they really like brisket from mighty Quinn's," posted one redditor who was trying to figure out the restaurant's recipe.

"The dude from Mighty Quinn's has said only salt, pepper, and paprika, but people have been known to fib before. Nothing wrong with simple, though," noted another commenter.

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4 Rivers Smokehouse

4 rivers smokehouse
4 Rivers Smokehouse / Facebook

This Florida chain with 15 locations knows how to do brisket right. The Signature Angus Brisket is made with 30-day wet-aged beef, rubbed with the restaurant's signature 4R Brisket Rub and then smoked for 18 hours. And, of course, it's hand sliced to order. You can also try the brisket in one of the restaurant's signature sandwiches, including the Texas Destroyer, which comes topped with onion rings, jalapeños, and melted provolone. It's served on a brioche bun and smothered in 4R Signature Sauce. Or, try the Longhorn, which has chopped brisket and Texas sausage served on a toasted roll over smokehouse relish, topped with onion rings and melted provolone.

You can also purchase the restaurant's brisket rub on Amazon. "We return to Florida at least once a year and always visit one of their locations depending where we are in Florida," wrote one online reviewer. "They cater to the local area's and their food is tasty or what I call smoke-a-lishes. I use the brisket rub on many meats and especially burgers on the grill."

Dickey's Barbecue Pit

Dickey's Barbecue Pit smoked brisket
Dickey's Barbecue Pit National / Facebook

Started in Dallas, Dickey's is now the largest barbecue franchise in America with over 650 locations. Its slow-smoked brisket is hand rubbed and smoked in a hickory wood pit for 14 hours. It's perfect for any classic sandwich, meat plate or combo, according to the chain. Its fans agree. "Must have now," wrote one enthusiast on Instagram.

The chain's Barbecue Brisket Classic Sandwich is a combination of slow-smoked brisket, savory sauce, and freshly baked bread. The sandwich is piled high with the brisket and topped with the restaurant's signature barbecue sauce, pickles, and onions. "At Dickey's Barbecue, we are committed to using only the best ingredients and cooking methods to ensure that every bite is full of flavor and satisfaction," the company says on its website. The chain's Brisket Burnt Ends Sandwich is also a fan favorite.

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Mission BBQ

Mission BBQ / Facebook

Mission BBQ is a well-loved chain that's been expanding across the U.S. and its brisket is top notch. The "Texas-inspired" oak smoked brisket is available as an entrée or a sandwich, and the baked beans with brisket are a to-die-for side dish. Mission BBQ opened its doors in 2011 and the chain strives to serve "authentic BBQ made from the freshest, most delectable ingredients." On Instagram, the restaurant touted its brisket as "so tender you can cut it with a fork!" Fans of the chain agreed: "Mmmmmmmmmmmm so delicious," wrote one commenter.

More Than Q Barbecue

Brisket at More Than Q
More Than Q/Facebook

With locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, this chain is quickly becoming a sensation, thanks to pitmaster Matt Martin's delicious smoked meats. The Texas-style barbecue is the stuff dreams are made of and the brisket is at the top of the menu. "Check out this fiery beauty!" the company posted on Instagram along with a pic of its mouth-watering brisket. "Our Brisket is the perfect blend of flavors. From the juicy interior to the smoked exterior. We've perfected the art of the perfect brisket."

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Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que

Joe's kansas city bbq brisket
Joe's Kansas City BBQ

This barbecue superstar shines when it comes to juicy brisket. "Our brisket is smoked over Missouri White Oak, resulting in some of the most tender, moist, intensely flavorful brisket you'll ever eat," according to the company. When it's doused in Joe's Original Bar-B-Que Sauce, it also makes for a perfect sandwich.

The Z-Man Sandwich features low-smoked beef brisket and smoked provolone cheese, topped with two crispy onion rings on a toasted Kaiser roll. You can even order a kid-sized brisket for the lil' meat lovers. Kansas City may be best known for its burnt ends, but the brisket is legit, too. "…heaven on earth," wrote one fan on Instagram.

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