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This Beloved Restaurant Chain Is Quietly Closing Some Locations

The neighborhood eatery has already shuttered over 150 locations this year.

The list of restaurants forced to permanently close locations because of the coronavirus pandemic isn't short. Hundreds that started the year open for business and then having to shut down because of stay-at-home orders also shut down for good. Ruby Tuesday is one of them, and news that they are continuing to shutter locations was recently released.

The chain started the year with 470 locations, but sales dropped when the pandemic hit. Company leaders announced they would start a culling process, which closes weaker units. Some of those, however, are shutting down without alerting employees first.

One location in Port Charlotte, Florida, shut its doors for good on Tuesday, August 25, according to The Port Charlotte Sun. Workers found out the same way customers did — by reading a note on the door.

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Companies with 50 employees or less don't have to notify them before shutting down according to the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, says Business Insider. They note restaurant locations usually employ part-time workers. Several told the site that closing locations without letting them know has happened before.

A similar event happened in August 2019, before the virus plagued the restaurant industry. According to WROC, employees were notified that the Ruby Tuesday restaurant in Greece, New York, was shutting down for good via email hours before a sign was placed on the door. Several spoke to the news station, revealing that they only got around $100-$150 in severance pay.

Another location in Fort Wayne, Indiana, closed its doors this month, as well. While a report from local station WPT21 doesn't mention how employees found out, it does say some were removing equipment later in the week and the location is no longer on the Ruby Tuesday website.

News about Ruby Tuesday's struggles comes soon after one chain announced they filed for bankruptcy but are opening a new location in an interesting place. There will be a Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh restaurant located in concourse B at the Denver International Airport.

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