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7 Best Spring Bakery Items You Can Score at Sam's Club Right Now

From berry-topped cakes to lemon-flavored treats, there are plenty of desserts to snag at Sam's Club.
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With cold, wintery days soon to be a distant memory, the springtime offers a long-awaited sense of freshness. This goes beyond the weather, though. The new season also marks an opportunity for individuals to try new things—like bakery items.

While there's no disputing the deliciousness of homemade baked goods, store-bought treats come with a side of convenience. And at Sam's Club, customers can indulge in several desserts that embody the flavors of the season, such as citrus and berries. Lemon cupcakes, anyone?

The next time your sweet tooth strikes, Sam's Club can help you satisfy it. Whether you're looking for a seasonal dessert or a Sam's Club mainstay, here are seven bakery items you can buy at the warehouse club now. As always, pricing may vary by location.

Key Lime Pie

sam's club key lime pie
Sam's Club
Nutrition information unavailable.

Key lime pie is finally back at Sam's Club. This seasonal treat starts with a graham cracker crust that's made with an "exclusive proprietary blend of fresh cookies," as described by the retailer. It's then topped with a key lime filling made with fresh-squeezed lime juice and finished with a creamy whipped topping. Yielding eight servings, this citrusy pie is now available for $9.98.

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Lemon Bundt Cake

sam's club lemon bundt cake
Sam's Club
Nutrition information unavailable.

For another citrusy dessert, Sam's Club is offering its lemon-flavored bundt cake, which the retailer describes as "flavorful, light, and fluffy." Each one is frosted with a cream cheese icing and available for $13.48.

Sweet Fruit Topped Chantilly Cream Bar Cake

sam's club sweet fruit topped chantilly cream bar cake
Sam's Club
Nutrition information unavailable.

This popular bar cake debuted last spring and has racked up numerous positive reviews since its launch. The dessert is layered with white cake and Chantilly cream and topped with fresh berries and whipped Chantilly cream. Each cake serves eight to 10 people and costs $17.98.

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Fresh Fruit Topped New York-Style Cheesecake

sam's club mini fruit topped new york-style cheesecakes
Sam's Club
Nutrition information unavailable.

If you'd prefer an individually portioned dessert, Sam's Club is selling eight-count packages of fruit-topped cheesecakes. These three-inch desserts have a New York-style cheesecake base, real cream cheese, whipped cream, and glazed strawberries and blueberries. Pick up a tray for $17.98!

Gourmet Cupcakes

sam's club gourmet cupcakes
Sam's Club
Nutrition information unavailable.

Whether you're serving a group of people or simply want more than one cake option, this cupcake package presents some enticing choices. Available for $10.98, each package includes eight cupcakes in four different flavors.

There's the lemon cake with lemon cream cheese icing and lemon filling. Then, there's the strawberry cake with pink buttercream, cream cheese filling, and strawberry filling. For the chocolate fans, there are two different options: chocolate lava cake with white chocolate buttercream and fudgy lava filling and chocolate cake with cookies and cream icing and chocolate cookie pieces.

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Tres Leches Cake

sam's club tres leches cake
Sam's Club
Nutrition information unavailable.

Not only is this bakery item artfully decorated, but it's also massive. Intended to serve 12 to 14 people, this cake clocks in at five pounds and six ounces. Priced at $18.98, each one is made with a tres leches-style soaked sponge cake, strawberry filling, and a whipped icing and chopped pecan garnish. It's also topped with fresh strawberries and dark chocolate fans for a deliciously decorative touch.

Tuxedo Bar Cake

sam's club tuxedo bar cake
Sam's Club
Nutrition information unavailable.

Boasting a 4.8-star rating on Sam's Club's website is the tried and true Tuxedo Bar Cake, which costs $16.98 online. Each one packs a chocolaty punch, layered with chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, smooth cream cheese filling, and dark and milk chocolate ganache.

If you're a fan of this cake, Sam's Club also recently dropped its limited-time Tuxedo Sundae in the food court, also known as the "café." This new offering features vanilla ice cream, caramel syrup, and of course, chunks of the popular Member's Mark Tuxedo Bar Cake.

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