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6 Best Steaks to Buy At Sam's Club

From ribeyes to ground steak patties and New York strips, here are the warehouse’s top beef cuts.
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Grilling season is officially here. With Memorial Day weekend in full swing, it's prime time to grab the best cuts of meat and fire up your barbecue.

If you're planning on throwing a party, stocking up on meat for the biggest grilling weekend of the year is a must—and Sam's Club has an excellent selection of top-quality steaks.

"Our meat department is one of our members' favorite areas of the club, and they appreciate the quality and value they find there," says J.R. Binam, senior merchant at Sam's Club.

We asked Binam for all his top steak picks at the warehouse, so get your membership card and start making a list!

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Prime Beef Ribeye Steak

Prime Beef Ribeye Steak sams club
Courtesy of Sam's Club

The ribeye is one of the most popular steak cuts at Sam's. Binam recommends trying this boneless steak, which has the highest USDA Prime rating possible. (Always read the label for the USDA ratings: There are eight grades, with the best being Prime, Choice, and then Select.) "USDA Prime grade beef is one of the more popular categories with our members," Binam says.

The ribeye in particular is juicy, tender, and flavorful. Binam says Sam's Club sets high standards for its meat selection, and quality is its number one focus.

USDA Prime NY Strip Steak

USDA Prime NY Strip Steak sams club
Courtesy of Sam's Club

The New York strip steaks are another popular option among members. The classic steak is wet-aged for 21 days for a deep flavor, then hand-trimmed and portioned. "We cut our steaks in-house with well-trained butchers who make sure each one is cut and trimmed just right," says Binam. A recent reviewer said of the cut, "Had these the other night. Great on the grill. Very flavorful and very tender."

Because it is awarded the highest USDA Prime grade, expect lots of marbling. "As a merchant, my job is to find the best quality items that our members are looking for, and our beef category selection is a great example of that," says Binam.

Member's Mark Prime Whole Beef Brisket

Member's Mark Prime Whole Beef Brisket sames club
Courtesy of Sam's Club

"This is one of my top picks for a family cookout," Binam says. If you're into slow-cooking beef for several hours, this is a great choice. Beef brisket is best prepared with moist or dry heat with apple or hickory wood. Binam says this cut is a favorite for people who compete in barbecue and other food competitions. "They often shop at our clubs to purchase the meat they use—from our Prime briskets to various cuts of pork," he says.

And it's great for a big group of people: "Amazing texture, flavor, moistness," one reviewer wrote. "Baked it low and slow. It turned out great and was the hit of our Christmas dinner party."

Prime Rib Ground Beef Sliders

Prime Rib Ground Beef Sliders sams club
Courtesy of Sam's Club

A family-friendly option, these ground beef patties are made with prime rib steak and pre-formed into perfectly bite-sized sliders. There's no fuss here, just pop them on the grill and lay out all the fixings for a DIY burger bar. "We have new brioche buns that pair well with these," Binam adds.

Juicy and flavorful, these mini burgers are a hit with reviewers: "These are absolutely next level amazing!! I fixed them up for the first time this weekend and my family was impressed!"

Member's Mark Prime Rib Ground Beef Patties

Member's Mark Prime Rib Ground Beef Patties sams club
Courtesy of Sam's Club

If sliders aren't your thing, these full-sized patties may be a better bet. Binam says this is another top pick among shoppers. Expect high-quality ground beef featuring prime rib. "I bought these for a Fourth of July cookout and to be honest they were the best burgers we have ever grilled," one reviewer wrote.

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Japanese A5 Wagyu Striploin Steak

Japanese A5 Wagyu Striploin Steak sams club
Courtesy of Sam's Club

A pricey option for the serious steak lover, this is a top-tier Wagyu steak sourced directly from Japan. Binam says it's great for special occasions: "That's a Father's Day gift I'd love to get!" he says. "It's a great example of the extremely high level of quality we offer and at a great value."

The Wagyu can be shipped directly to your house through Sam's online ordering portal. "From premium seafood boxes to bison steaks and ground beef, members can have high-quality meat, seafood, poultry, and more delivered directly to their doorstep," Binam says.

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