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The Secret Cooking Trick For a Flat Belly All Day, Says Expert

Feeling bloated? Try this trick to flatten out your stomach!

No one likes to feel uncomfortable after dinner. Of course you want to feel full after eating a meal, but feeling bloated? Not so much. If you find yourself feeling bloated after eating a meal, there is one easy cooking trick to try—and a few things to avoid in the future—that will relieve the bloat and give you that flat belly once again.

First, if you are finding yourself feeling bloated, an easy way to prevent it is to limit foods and drinks that can easily cause bloat.

Foods to limit for a flat belly

Lisa R Young, PhD, RDN, author of the book Finally Full, Finally Slim, says an easy way to help prevent bloating is to limit sparkling drinks—like soda and seltzer. One study published by the journal Nutritional Metabolism & Cardiovascular Disease found that symptoms of participants after consuming more than 300 milliliters of a carbonated fluid were related to gastric mechanical distress. While the study does mention that more research is needed for this particular claim, if you find yourself feeling uncomfortable after enjoying a carbonated fluid, it may be best to cut back.

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The second recommendation from Young is to limit eating raw cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower. While these types of vegetables are rich in dietary fiber—which is good for your body's digestive system, gut health, and even weight loss—cruciferous vegetables are known to be harder to digest, which can cause bloating and gas. Broccoli and cauliflower are common cruciferous vegetables, along with cabbage, kale, and Brussels sprouts. The best way to enjoy these vegetables and decrease the bloat is by cooking them instead of eating them raw.

If you're feeling bloated after a meal, sip on this.

woman holding tea cup in hands

Second, if you are still feeling bloated after a meal, Young recommends sipping on a cup of peppermint tea. While it's not exactly a "cooking" trick per se, enjoying a cup of peppermint tea after dinner can help you feel less bloated after your meal.

"It contains menthol which may help eliminate bloating as it relaxes the stomach muscles enabling the body to release gas that is pent up," says Young.

So if you're feeling uncomfortable and looking for a relaxing fix, brew a cup of peppermint tea after your meal. Plus, did you know peppermint tea can work as a muscle relaxer and help reduce the effect of headaches? Sounds like another good reason to brew a cup!

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