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5 Best Superset Workouts To Stay Active, Fit & Mobile as You Age

These superset workouts boost mobility and can help you lead your most active life as you age.
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Superset workouts offer a dynamic, challenging, and time-efficient approach to training. Additionally, they're a proven method for effectively targeting opposing muscle groups within the same workout, allowing you to achieve more in every single session. That's why I've put together five of my best superset workouts for mobility as you age, helping you lead an active, independent lifestyle.

In the below superset workouts, you'll explore a variety of themes aimed at boosting overall fitness as you age. The first three supersets follow a traditional approach: upper, lower, and full-body supersets. The final two superset workouts are personal favorites, handy for clients seeking increased flexibility within their routines. Dubbed "strength and mobility combos," these supersets pair upper or lower-body exercises with complementary mobility drills. For example, if a lower-body exercise is incorporated, it will be paired with an upper-body mobility movement. This dual focus enhances strength and mobility, offering a well-rounded training approach.

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Superset #1: Upper Body

This list of the best superset workouts for better mobility as you age kicks off with an upper-body focus. I favor using upper-body supersets that mimic the same plane of movement. For instance, a shoulder press involves pressing dumbbells straight up, while lat pulldown variations involve pulling the handles straight down. While this doesn't always need to be the case, it helps fire up opposing muscle groups, leading to a great workout.

Complete three to five rounds of the superset.

1. Tall-kneeling Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Dumbbell shoulder presses are great for developing size and strength in your shoulders and triceps. Tossing in the tall-kneeling position takes this exercise to another level. Working from this stance stimulates your core muscles to stabilize your hips and torso while improving upper-back mobility.

Kneel on a padded surface with your knees hip-width apart. Hold a dumbbell in each hand at shoulder height, palms facing forward, elbows bent and close to your body. Engage your core for stability, maintain a neutral spine, and keep your shoulders down and back. Press the dumbbells overhead by extending your arms upward, directly above the shoulders. Lower the dumbbells with control to the starting position, maintaining a slight bend in the elbows.

Complete eight to 12 reps, then transition directly into the lat pulldowns. Switch to a single-arm tall-kneeling dumbbell shoulder press if the two-dumbbell option is challenging.

2. Lat Pulldown

lat pulldown illustration

The seated position of lat pulldowns assists in stabilizing the lower body so you may emphasize recruiting your upper back muscles. Lat pulldowns are excellent for increased workout volume compared to pull-ups or chin-ups while engaging your lats, traps, and rhomboids, promoting upper-body strength and muscle development. Vary your handle positions and grip styles to target different muscle areas.

To perform the lat pulldown, grip the attachment with your preferred grip width, whether overhand, underhand, or mixed. Securely sit down, and place your knees underneath the pad, if available. Pull the bar down until it's beneath your chin, maintain an upright posture with your shoulders and chest up, and squeeze your lats. Slowly raise the bar back to the starting position, then repeat the movement for the desired number of repetitions.

Perform eight to 12 reps with 90 seconds of rest between supersets. Emphasize a slow and controlled return of the weight stack to stretch and lengthen the lat muscles.

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Superset #2: Lower Body

This lower-body superset combines strength, balance, and mobility with quite the exercise combo. Both single-leg RDLS and lateral lunges focus on the benefits of unilateral training. After tackling this superset, your lower-body strength and hip health will thank you.

Complete three to five rounds of the superset.

1. Single-leg Romanian Deadlifts

illustration of single-leg romanian deadlift

Single-leg Romanian deadlifts are an incredible exercise for strengthening your posterior chain, targeting your hamstrings and glutes while enhancing stability and size through unilateral training. With each rep, you'll feel a deep stretch in your hamstrings, aiding mobility. Begin by stabilizing yourself with a squat rack or wall, gradually advancing to free-standing single-leg RDLs as your balance and confidence grow.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart, slightly bend one knee, and extend the other leg straight back. Hinge forward at your hips while keeping your back straight, lowering a dumbbell or kettlebell toward the ground on the same side as your supporting leg. Maintain a neutral spine and engage your core for stability. Pause when your torso is parallel to the ground, feeling the stretch in your hamstring. Drive through your heel to return to the starting position, squeezing your glutes at the top.

Complete six to 12 reps per side, then transition directly into the alternating lateral lunges.

2. Alternating Lateral Lunges

illustration of lateral lunge

Bodyweight and weighted lateral lunges are effective for improving single-leg strength and stability and are some of the best mobility exercises for your adductors. In this superset, you will use alternating lateral lunges as a strength movement to boost your fitness and strength, but don't hesitate to toss them into your warm-ups!

Start by standing tall with your feet hip-width apart. Step to the right, bending the right knee while keeping the left leg straight. Keep the chest up as you lower into a lateral squat. Push off the right foot to return to the starting position, then repeat on the left side.

Perform six to 12 reps per side with 90 seconds of rest between supersets.

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Superset #3: Full Body

When you engage in a full-body workout, you target all major muscle groups through compound exercises. These movements help you boost strength, torch calories, and develop lean muscle mass. Plus, they offer dynamic positions that enhance mobility through active movement.

Complete three to five rounds of the superset.

1. Barbell Thrusters

The barbell thruster is a powerhouse exercise that builds strength and size in the lower and upper body. This move effectively targets the quads, hamstrings, and glutes while engaging the core, shoulders, and triceps. This naturally explosive movement, featuring a deep squat pattern, enhances lower-body mobility and demands thoracic spine and shoulder flexibility. You'll (literally) feel the burn after just a few reps, giving a nice metabolic touch for barbell thrusters.

Rack a barbell at shoulder level (front rack position), positioning your feet shoulder-width apart. Descend into a squat while maintaining a straight back and engaged core. As you rise from the squat, press the barbell overhead, straightening your arms. Lower the barbell back to shoulder height as you descend into the next squat repetition. Ensure smooth, controlled transitions throughout.

Complete eight to 15 reps, then transition directly into dumbbell renegade rows.

2. Dumbbell Renegade Rows

dumbbell renegade row

Renegade rows are remarkable for their focus on back strength, core stabilization, and anti-rotation training. The core muscles, including the rectus abdominis and obliques, are engaged to maintain stability by performing rows in a plank position. This compound movement targets the back, shoulders, and arms, increasing demand on the core and glutes and developing greater abdominal strength and chiseled definition.

Start in a plank position with your hands under your shoulders, gripping dumbbells. Lift one hand, pulling your elbow to the ceiling in a strong rowing motion while balancing on the other arm. Alternate sides, maintaining stability and squeezing your core. Make sure to use non-rounded dumbbells for a stable surface.

Complete 12 to 15 reps per side with 90 seconds of rest between supersets.

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Superset #4: Lower-body Strength with Upper-body Mobility

Next up on this list of the best superset workouts to improve mobility as you age, it's time for lower-body strength and upper-body mobility. It's a fun twist for your workouts. You'll combine a lower-body strength exercise with an upper-body mobility exercise, creating an effective one-two punch for fitness and mobility.

Complete three to five rounds of the superset.

1. Alternating Reverse Lunges

reverse lunges

Reverse lunges are exceptional for building size and strength in your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves while enhancing balance, muscle coordination, and joint stability—essential for maintaining an active lifestyle as you age. What makes them particularly appealing is their versatility. Whether you prefer single or double holds with dumbbells or kettlebells, challenging rack positions like overhead or front rack holds, or seeking to amplify strength with barbell variations, the options are abundant.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Step straight back with your right foot until the ball of your foot reaches the floor. Next, bend both knees to lower into a lunge until the right knee is slightly above the ground. Push through your front foot to return to the starting position, then repeat on the left side.

Complete eight to 12 reps per side, then transition directly into yoga pushups. Lower your back knee for three seconds to improve the mobility of reverse lunges.

2. Yoga Pushups

Yoga pushups integrate strength and mobility training, targeting various upper body muscles such as the chest, shoulders, triceps, upper back, and core. Combining elements of a traditional pushup with a bodyweight variation of a press, they offer a comprehensive workout. Transitioning into the down-dog position during the movement enhances shoulder and upper back mobility while contributing to lower body flexibility.

Start in a pushup position with your legs straight and slightly wider than usual. Lower your body toward the floor until your upper arms are parallel to the ground or until your chest touches. Next, push back up to the starting position by straightening your elbows and pressing your palms firmly into the floor. Simultaneously elevate your hips toward the ceiling.

Perform five to eight reps with 90 seconds of rest between supersets.

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Superset #5: Upper-body Strength with Lower-body Mobility

This roundup of the best superset workouts for mobility wraps up with upper-body strength and lower-body mobility. This routine is just like superset #4, with a little variation. For this superset, you'll pair an upper-body strength exercise with a lower-body mobility movement.

Complete three to five rounds of the superset.

1. Dumbbell Pushups

The dumbbell pushup uses an extended range of motion that facilitates lean muscle growth in the triceps and shoulders and shows some love to your chest. The extended range of motion in dumbbell pushups helps stretch the chest and shoulder muscles, improving anterior (front) upper body mobility. Dumbbell pushups engage the core, amplify abdominal strength, and enhance wrist stability.

Assume a traditional pushup position while gripping dumbbells shoulder-width apart. Lower your body by bending your elbows until your chest nearly touches the ground, then push back up to the starting position, fully extending your arms. Maintain a straight line from your head to your heels, and control your movements throughout.

Perform eight to 15 reps, then directly transition into the Samson stretch. Utilize a controlled lowering to enhance the stretch of your chest and shoulders.

Side note: Ensure you use dumbbells with flat surfaces and avoid rounded ones when performing this exercise.

2. Samson Stretch

The Samson stretch executes a versatile and effective technique for enhancing mobility in key muscle groups like the hip flexors, quads, shoulders, lats, and abdominals. Its dynamic nature not only lengthens these muscles but also encourages improved flexibility and range of motion, which are crucial for activities ranging from everyday movements to intense workouts. By targeting multiple muscle groups, the Samson stretch addresses common areas of tightness and discomfort.

Step forward with one foot into a lunge position, extending the arms overhead and dropping the back knee to the floor. Engage your core, and press your hips forward to deepen the hip flexors and quadriceps stretch while actively reaching overhead.

Perform rounds of 30 to 45-second holds with 60 seconds of rest between rounds.

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