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Rumors That Taco Bell May Drop This Beloved Item Have Fans Furious

A self-proclaimed "insider" drops big news online; the reaction has been passionate.

According to a self-proclaimed insider, Taco Bell will soon be removing Quesaritos from their menu, the rumors of which have got people really freaking out on social media.

For the woefully underinformed, the quesartio is a beef burrito, wrapped by grilled quesadilla filled of melted cheese, and appears to be a very popular item with late-night surfers of the Internet.

The rumors started on a subreddit called "Living Mas, which is a Taco Bell-focused section of social news aggregator Reddit. A user that posts under the username "tacobellblake" listed some bullet points of how the Taco Bell menu will change starting on August 13th, which included this particular "spoiler":

QUESARITOS – RIP. I've never liked this item but I appreciate it because I understand this is a fan favorite item. The Quesarito released first as a LTO in June 2014. February of the next year we got the Sriracha Quesarito. Then October 2015 was the Volcano Quesarito. E8 2016 we got the Habanero Quesarito. Exactly one year later we had the Steak Quesarito Box for a gaming giveaway. Now the year is 2020 and they decide the quesarito's time is up after 6 years on the menu.

Judging by the immediate and voluminous levels of outrage expressed by fans of the beefy, cheesy bit of goodness? Taco Bell would be crazy to kills this suddenly-beloved menu item. With apologies to Mark Twain, reports of quesarito's death may be exaggerated, for there has been a surplus of support for the quesarito, exemplified by a handful of tweets included below:

The examples could go on, and on…and on. One enterprising Taco Bell fan even went so far as to start an online petition at, which thus far has nearly 60o signatures.

A representative from Taco Bell neither confirmed nor denied the quesarito's eventual menu disappearance in an interview with Business Insider."We are in the process of evolving our menu to simplify operations and make our team member and customer experiences easier," leaving a window of hope for those upset by the rumored menu evolution.

Many fast food chains have limited their menu offerings due to the coronavirus pandemic, so Taco Bell is by no means an outlier in this regard. There is also the very plausible theory that the "insider" leak was designed to draw out free publicity, which if was the idea all along, worked out as well as could be imagined. Taco Bell has removed items before, which you can check out at the 11 beloved menu items from Taco Bell that have vanished forever.

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