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Taco Bell's Nacho Fries Are Returning For Their 'Longest Run Ever'

Customers will be able to score a spicy new spin on the fan-favorite Nacho Fries starting next week.
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Taco Bell's Nacho Fries are undeniably one of the chain's most beloved limited-time menu offerings. Since they were first introduced in 2018, fierce customer demand has spurred Taco Bell to bring them back nearly a dozen times. The chain even temporarily introduced a subscription pass for those crispy, seasoned spuds in 2023. And now, the fast-food giant has announced that Nacho Fries will soon return to menus once again—and in great news for fans, they'll stick around for longer than they ever have before.

On April 25, Taco Bell will introduce a spicy new spin on Nacho Fries in partnership with the Portland, Ore.-based hot sauce brand Secret Aardvark. Though the chain previously announced the Secret Aardvark collaboration during its Live Más Live event in February, it hadn't confirmed an exact launch date until now.

The new limited-edition Secret Aardvark Nacho Fries will come topped with slow-roasted chicken, a three-cheese blend, reduced-fat sour cream, nacho cheese sauce, pico de gallo, and a blend of ranch and Secret Aardvark's Serrabanero sauce.

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Taco Bell Secret Aardvark Nacho Fries
Taco Bell

"We're thrilled to bring back fan-favorite Nacho Fries for their 11th return, in a whole new way, with an extra flavorful partnership with Secret Aardvark," Liz Matthews, Taco Bell's global food innovations officer, said in a statement. "Secret Aardvark's dedication to bold flavors and culinary innovation makes them the perfect partner for Taco Bell and our iconic Nacho Fries. Together, we're taking flavor exploration to new heights, ensuring our fans experience the ultimate taste sensation with every bite."

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In even better news for Taco Bell devotees, the chain plans to keep Nacho Fries around for their "longest run ever" after they return next week, according to a press release. Exactly how long they'll remain on menus wasn't specified, but the release did state that "the Nacho Fries fun will continue nearly all summer long."

Taco Bell's Chief Marketing Officer Taylor Montgomery also previously announced during Live Más Live that they were working on making Nacho Fries a permanent offering. However, the press release didn't provide any updates on those efforts, so it's still unclear when Nacho Fries may become a year-round offering at Taco Bell.

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Customers will be able to score an order of Secret Aardvark Nacho Fries for a suggested price of $4.99. In celebration of the launch, Taco Bell and Secret Aardvark teamed up with the Portland-based artist Bryce Wong to curate a special Tuesday Drop (special offers made available to loyalty program participants every Tuesday) for 300 Fire Tier Rewards Members on April 23. Taco Bell is keeping the details of this secretive Tuesday Drop under wraps for now, so Fire Tier Rewards Members should visit the app on April 23 for more information.

The Secret Aardvark Nacho Fries are only the latest new flavor variation on the popular limited-time menu item that Taco Bell has rolled out over the years. In April 2023, for example, the chain introduced Yellowbird Nacho Fries in partnership with the popular hot sauce brand. Taco Bell also debuted a limited-time buffalo chicken version in 2020.

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