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The Most Popular Things to Do in Every State

Remember all those things you posted to Twitter back in 2011 and 2012? Of course you don't.

But Cornell University researchers may have been reading your tweets to find out what you—and your fellow state-mates—do for fun. After crunching all the data, the research team released a report in which they reveal the physical activities people posted most often about in each of the 48 continental states and Washington D.C.

Read on to find out which physical—and not so physical—activities the people in your home state mention participating in most frequently. Find out if you share the same interests.



More than 32 percent of Alabama's popular is overweight or obese, and the state's most Tweeted about pastime is eating. Coincidence? We think not.



There's nothing wrong with eating for fun so long as you stick to low-calorie fare like fruits and veggies.

most popular things to do arizona hiking



There's nothing better than hitting the trails on a warm day. It's a great full body workout that activates a number of muscles that are often overlooked in more traditional workouts.



Coming in after Hawaii, Colorado is the second trimmest state in the U.S., so we weren't surprised to learn that running was the most popular activity. A 150-pound person can burn off a whopping 340 calories during a 30-minute run.


Watching TV or Movie

Connecticut residents, you like to take it easy in front of the tube in your spare time. If you're noshing while you watch, just be sure to opt for healthy (high-protein snacks)[].


Talking on the phone

Keep gabbin', guys! Researchers say hearing the sound of a friend's or loved one's voice can trigger the release of oxytocin, a hormone that suppresses appetite. Now, that's an easy way to lose weight!



Throwing on your dancing shoes and shaking your tail feather burns more than 400 calories per hour—good call, Californians!



Florida residents keep their beach body toned and tight year round with weekly runs.



Georgia is the nation's number one producer of peanuts, pecans and peaches—and the residents love to spend their free time noshing away on all three.



Take a lesson from the residents of the Gem State and strap on your helmet. A 150-pound person cycling at 13 miles per hour for 30 minutes burns 272 calories!


Watching TV or Movie

Chicago may be known as the "Candy Capital of the World"— but that doesn't give Illinoisans free rein to nosh away on just anything when they're at the cinema. To stay trim, reach for some of our favorite movie snacks and candies.

most popular things to do indiana running



Need some motivation to join your neighbors on the pavement? Consider this: At age 101, Fauja Singh completed the 2012 London Marathon and is believed to be the world's oldest runner. If Singh is still sprinting around after all this time, we think you can handle it, too—so go ahead and lace up those sneakers.



Running coach Debora Warner suggests noshing on a fresh fruit salad an hour before you head out for your jog. "The high water content, potassium and vitamins help keep me hydrated and energized," she says.



Did you know: Over 1 billion pairs of running shoes are sold worldwide every year! Lace yours up and join the pack—Kansas citizens can't get enough of the cardioprotective sport.


Watching TV or Movie

End the bickering over your movie night feature and choose a comedy. People consume up to 55 percent more snacks while watching a sad movie than a funny one, according to a recent study.



Known for beignets, gumbo and the "Crawfish Capital of the World," it's no surprise this state's citizens enjoy a good meal.


Mountain Biking

Enjoying the beauty of their state's rolling mountains on a bike is a hobby Maine's residents can't get enough of.



Though it may not seem as "hardcore" as high-intensity workouts, running is a great weight loss activity—and it's easy on the joints.



We'd be eating all the time, too, if we lived in the state home to the famous blue crab.


Laying Down

We're not sure that laying down can really qualify as an activity—it's more like an anti-activity—but people from Michigan love to tweet about hitting the sheets.



Wheaties cereal was invented in Minnesota, and its citizens truly are champions—on the track at least.



Mississippi is the heaviest state in the nation, so it makes sense that its residents would Tweet about all of their tasty snacks and meals.

most popular things to do missouri watching tv


Watching TV or Movie

Are chips your go-to TV snack? Be sure to reach for one of the better bags for your waistline.



Even if you can only stand the cold for an hour, you'll burn about 430 calories swooshing downhill.


Ice Skating

Believe it or not, an hour at the rink will burn 500 calories—about what you'd find in a Dunkin' Donuts Apple Crumb Donut.

New Hampshire


Studies show that skiing doesn't only benefit the body—it also soothes the soul. Since skiing involves in-depth concentration and problem solving, it allows people to "check out," which boosts happiness and outlook on life. It's easy to see why it's such a popular sport in The Granite State.

New Jersey

Getting a Manicure

There's nothing better than hitting the spa for a mani-pedi after the gym—just be sure to grab a protein shake to prevent a stall in your post-workout recovery.

New Mexico


Whether you like to salsa, cha-cha or dip it low, it's possible to dance your way to a flat belly and a healthier heart.

New York


Listen up, New Yorkers: To replenish the carbs used to fuel your run, make a smoothie with one and a half cups of fruit, a half-cup of water and a scoop of plant-based protein powder.



From Zumba to 305 fitness, there are tons of cardio dance classes that combine your favorite activity with fitness to help you reach your weight loss goal.

North Carolina


Another state that Tweets a lot about chowing down! We just hope they're staying away from these waist-widening restaurant dishes—some of which pack in well over a day's worth of calories!

North Dakota


Studies show that women who regularly engage in high-intensity workouts like running can reduce their breast cancer risk up to 30 percent.

most popular things to do ohio sitting



Hate to break it to you, Ohio, but sitting isn't an activity. In fact, sitting too much can lead to anxiety and weight gain. The more you move about throughout the day, the better. Set alarm to remind yourself to walk around once every few hours.



Believe it or not, adding sprints to your runs is a great way to get six pack abs. Keep moving, Oklahoma, that beach bod is well within your reach.



It's no wonder Oregon citizens are all so darn happy and fit: Running boosts levels of serotonin, a hormone that boosts feelings of well-being and satiety.


Watching TV or Movie

If you're one of the many PA citizens that loves a good Netflix binge, be sure you aren't tuning in too close to bedtime. The blue light from televisions and computer screens can make it difficult to fall asleep, which can boost your appetite the next day.

Rhode Island

Using the Treadmill

There's no denying that running is a great workout, but it can leave your legs and hips feeling tight. Use a foam roller three times a week to improve flexibility and ward off injury. It's more effective than static stretching.

South Carolina


When you think of eating as a hobby instead of something you need to do to survive, you put yourself at risk for overweight and obesity. Change your mindset to protect your waistline.

South Dakota


New to the South Dakota running scene? Here's one tip you can't live without: Always dress to run like it's 10 degrees warmer than it actually is outside. Doing so will prevent you from overheating once you get moving.



Stand up, Tennessee—it can help improve your health! Go speak to a co-worker in person instead of sending an email, step out for lunch instead of ordering in, or walk home instead of taking the bus. Every step you take will help you keep off unwanted pounds.



Love to eat? Be sure to incorporate some of the 50 best snacks for weight loss into your daily lineup. Noshing on our go-to picks instead of more processed fare will help keep weight gain at bay.



Good news, Utah citizens: To stay balanced on the slopes, your body naturally engages its core stability muscles, which can help you sculpt a toned tummy.



Skip the creamy soups and decadent desserts at the ski lodge to reap the full benefits of your calorie-building workout, Vermonters.

most popular things to do virginia showering



Showering isn't something most people mention as one of their go-to pastimes, but at least Virginia citizens can all claim they're squeaky clean.



If you're one of the many seasoned runners in Washington, down a cup of coffee before lacing up your shoes. Having caffeine before a jog can make your workout feel easier and help the body burn calories more efficiently.

Washington D.C.


If you tend to eat out a lot like your fellow D.C residents, be sure to check out our guide to the best and worst restaurants for your health.

West Virginia

Watching TV or Movie

There's nothing wrong with turning on the tube from time to time— try to keep snacks to a minimum while you're watching. A recent study found that people who eat in front of the TV often miss satiety signals and consume 10 percent more than they would otherwise. Yikes!



Since running is so popular in Wisconsin, why not look for a social running group to join? Working out with others is a great way to boost accountability and stick to your fitness routine.



Wyoming has the lowest population of all the 50 states, which means there's plenty of room for citizens to hit the road running without rubbing elbows with hoards of other athletes. No wonder it's such a popular sport in the state.

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