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Top 10 Trending Food Searches Of 2023: From Lasagna Soup to Pumptini

These viral food moments have piqued our collective curiosity, according to Google.

Wondering what food trends dominated this past year? Google results are in and have revealed the hotspots of our collective curiosity in 2023. The search engine rounded up all the top trending searches, that is, searches that had a high spike in traffic over a sustained period in 2023 as compared to 2022, to determine this year's deepest trends. And in addition to lazy girl everything, and (insert favorite noun here) aesthetic, plenty of food moments piqued America's interest during the past 12 months.

Whether it was to jump on the bandwagon, produce a hot take, or just learn a bit more about what everyone's talking about on and off line (looking at you, Millennials), these were the top trending food searches of 2023.

1. Grimace Shake

McDonalds Grimace shake and birthday meal
Courtesy of McDonald's

Of course, McDonald's found a way to create a splashy food moment with its lavender-hued Grimace Shake, a saccharine viral creation that dropped this past June. The unnaturally colored berry-flavored shake became the star of a TikTok trend, in which TikTokers would post skits about sipping the summertime shake and then, well, suffering.

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2. Lasagna Soup

Truly no wonder that two of the most comforting foods—like lasagna and soup—united to become one of Google's top trending food searches. Lasagna soup recipes have been around since the early days of Pinterest (and probably before), but the tomatoey, meaty, cheese-topped noodle soup saw a resurgence on TikTok and across social media this year. It's much easier and faster to make than a classic baked lasagna and the riff and variations are seemingly endless.

3. Chicken Cobbler

This TikTok recipe went viral thanks to its simplicity, affordability, and overall comfort vibes. Essentially, the one-pot dish is a chicken pot pie made by using some ingenious supermarket hacks. Rotisserie chicken, frozen peas and carrots, Red Lobster Cheddar Bay biscuit mix, canned chicken soup, milk, and butter all unite in this crowd-pleaser.

4. Black Cake

This Caribbean cake is typically served at Christmas or other celebrations, but Americans were eager to learn more about the rum and fruit cake thanks, in part, to the Hulu series Black Cake. Based on the novel of the same name by Charmaine Wilkerson, this family saga is deeply tied to a black cake recipe. It's no wonder readers and viewers would want to try it for themselves.

5. Pumptini

Vanderpump Rules returned in May 2023, and with it, a signature cocktail. The eponymous Pumptini is a pretty pink concoction of raspberries, vodka, liquor, simple syrup, and some citrus juices. Pour it all into a martini glass for a very chic tipple.

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6. Hugo Spritz

Dubbed the drink of the summer, the Hugo Spritz was poised to replace the Dirty Shirley, Aperol Spritz, and Frozé as a warm weather sipper. The combo of elderflower liqueur, Prosecco, and club soda is easy enough to make and serve over ice, but the floral notes may be polarizing to some.

7. Cowboy Butter

Everyone's a home chef these days, and compound butter is a simple way to feel like a pro in your own kitchen. The recipe for cowboy butter changes by creator, but it's essentially a spiced and slightly sweetened butter mashed with herbs and seasonings. It can be melted on grilled meat or veggies or used as a dip.

8. Coronation Quiche

King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla
Hugo Burnand / Buckingham Palace

The official recipe from King Charles III's coronation, which took place this May, this quiche might be the only food trend of 2023 determined by a septuagenarian. The royal recipe starts with a homemade buttery crust, which is then filled with creamy egg custard, tarragon, English cheddar, spinach, and broad beans.

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9. Brazilian Lemonade

Brazilian lemonade was one of those viral recipes that seemingly everyone jumped on because it was super easy to make. Just four ingredients combine for a frothy, refreshing drink with an exotic-sounding name. Technically limeade, this bevvy blends sliced limes, sugar, sweetened condensed milk, and ice cubes to create a light green drink.

10. Cottage Cheese Ice Cream

Cottage cheese ice cream

For better or for worse, cottage cheese is the trend that won't stop reinventing itself. Naturally, cottage cheese ice cream spiked searchers' curiosity the most this year. The ice cream is basically a container of cottage cheese blended with sweetener and whatever fruits, cookies, and flavor-imparting toppings you like. It's intriguing and versatile, but can it replace real ice cream? That's for you to decide.

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