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Trader Joe's Just Dropped an Adorable Dessert for Easter

The specialty grocery chain is gearing up for the holiday with a fan-favorite treat.
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Spring is finally here, and in typical fashion, Trader Joe's is celebrating the season by rolling out plenty of new and returning items. Within the latest selection of festive finds is one sweet treat you'll want to add to your Easter dessert spread: Chocolate Mousse Eggs.

Back on the shelves just in time for the holiday, these chocolate egg-shaped cakes are layered with silky mousse, covered in a chocolate coating, and adorned with colorful touches. Each package contains six cakes and costs $3.99.

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The return of these Easter egg-shaped cakes has excited customers, with one shopper starting a Reddit thread, writing, "Run, don't walk, to get your hands on the chocolate mousse eggs!" The Redditor added, "Seriously, these are SO delicious. My partner and I are trying to exercise self-control and only have one a day each, but it's hard!"

Other Trader Joe's customers hopped into the thread to share their own glowing reviews of the limited-time item.

"They're the best!! I buy a few packs and freeze," one customer wrote.

"I looooved these last year! They're actually what convinced me to buy them each season after when I'm looking for a sweet treat lol," another one added.

Throughout the year, Trader Joe's sells seasonal mousse cakes in various shapes, such as pumpkins for the fall and raspberries for Valentine's Day.

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Besides the Chocolate Mousse Eggs, Trader Joe's has released several other springtime treats, including its popular Lemon Mini Sheet Cake. This dessert first debuted last spring and features a lemon-flavored cake topped with lemon cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with lemon zest.

These cakes were a hit last year—so much so that they sold out in two weeks, as revealed during the most recent episode of the "Inside Trader Joe's" podcast. Luckily for fans, TJ's has ordered more than double the amount this year and will offer these sheet cakes through May.

Additionally, customers can snag the grocery chain's new Glazed Chocolate Donut Holes (240 calories), which have garnered major praise on social media.

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