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11 Most Adorable Valentine's Day Treats at Trader Joe's

The shelves are awash in festive pinks, reds, and heart shapes right now at your favorite specialty grocer.
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Farewell, candy canes and gingerbread men. Hello to all things heart-shaped. Trader Joe's has been struck by cupid's arrow and is now spreading the love to its store aisles.

In preparation for Feb. 14, the grocery chain has been stocking its shelves with all sorts of festive goodies. Think: pink and red, Xs and Os, and as previously mentioned, lots and lots of hearts.

Whether you're spending the holiday with your partner, some friends, or on your own, Valentine's Day marks the perfect occasion to treat yourself to something special. This could mean enjoying a decadent dessert, a delicious meal, or a fun activity. Fortunately for shoppers, Trader Joe's has it all. Here are 11 adorable Valentine's Day items you can buy at TJ's right now.

Belgian Chocolate Hearts

trader joe's belgian chocolate hearts
Photo Courtesy of Trader Joe's ©2024

Valentine's Day just wouldn't be complete without chocolate. The holiday is practically synonymous with the sweet treat. And now, Trader Joe's is selling boxes of its Belgian Chocolate Hearts for $1.49.

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Raspberry Mousse Cakes

trader joe's raspberry mousse cakes package
Photo Courtesy of Trader Joe's ©2024

From pumpkins to flowers, Trader Joe's regularly rolls out limited-time mousse cakes throughout the year. Now, its bright pink, raspberry-shaped version is having its time to shine, much to shoppers' delight.

"Oh my… I am RUNNING to TJ's for these," one fan wrote on Reddit. "I love these little cakes! I keep them in the fridge. Makes the chocolate coating more snappy… it's texture bliss lol," another one added.

Available in six-count packages for $3.99, these sweet treats consist of small vanilla cakes topped with raspberry-flavored mousse and a sweet confectionary coating.

Heart Shaped Macarons

trader joe's heart shaped macarons
Photo Courtesy of Trader Joe's ©2024

The Trader Joe's frozen foods aisle is a treasure trove of tantalizing desserts, one being the Heart Shaped Macarons. Priced at $5.49, each box includes eight bite-sized macarons in two different flavors: raspberry crème and vanilla crème with a strawberry center.

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For the Love of Chocolate Mousse Cake

trader joe's for the love of chocolate mousse cake
Photo Courtesy of Trader Joe's ©2024

If you're looking for something ultra-decadent, this returning item delivers a triple punch of chocolate. At $4.99, the fan-favorite dessert is made with layers of rich chocolate cake and chocolate mousse covered in an additional layer of chocolate.

News of the item's return sparked some excitement among customers, with one TJ's fan writing, "Yumm, we get this every year and it's delicious!" Another one added, "One of the very best things they make!!!"

Raspberry Hearts Cookies

trader joe's raspberry hearts cookies
Photo Courtesy of Trader Joe's ©2024

This one's for the shortbread fans. Trader Joe's is selling its popular Raspberry Hearts Cookies, which consist of two soft, crumbly shortbread cookies sandwiching a layer of raspberry jam. Priced at $5.99, each box includes 18 cookies, making them a perfect addition to a Valentine's Day party or group dinner.

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Dark Chocolate Mini Heart Cookies

trader joe's dark chocolate mini heart cookies

Also joining the store's cookie lineup are the Dark Chocolate Mini Heart Cookies. Available for $3.99, these speckled treats consist of shortbread cookies covered in dark chocolate and studded with pink and white nonpareils.

Gummy Xs & Os

trader joe's gummy xs & os
Photo Courtesy of Trader Joe's ©2024

Move over, Scandinavian Swimmers. There's another gummy at Trader Joe's. Available for $3.49, the soft, chewy candy comes in shades of pink and white, helping shoppers get in the Valentine's Day spirit. Some even think they reign supreme in the gummy category.

"These are the BEST gummy candy. Wish they had these flavors all the time, just a different shape or something," one commenter wrote on a post from Trader Joe's fan account @traderjoeslist. "I love these even more than the Scandinavian Swimmers!" another one commented.

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Jelly Bean Hearts

trader joe's jelly bean hearts
Photo Courtesy of Trader Joe's ©2024

Trader Joe's offers jelly beans throughout the year, but now, shoppers can score something extra festive. Crafted by the same Irish candymaker that makes its standard jelly beans, these Jelly Bean Hearts, priced at $1.49, come in shades of red, pink, and white. As depicted in a video from @traderjoesobsessed, these cute candies come in four flavors: black currant, strawberry, cranberry, and coconut.

Valentine Sprinkle

trader joe's valentine sprinkle bag
Photo Courtesy of Trader Joe's ©2024

If ice cream sundaes, cookies, or cupcakes are on your Valentine's Day menu this year, Trader Joe's has the perfect topping to add: Valentine Sprinkle. Made by the same supplier of its seasonal Christmas Sprinkle, these pink, red, and white morsels come in multiple styles, offering a dash of fun to any any confection. Each bag costs $1.99.

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Chocolatey Dipping Kit

trader joe's chocolatey dipping kit
Courtesy of Trader Joe's ©2024

Round up your favorite fruits, cookies, and marshmallows. If you're looking for a delicious activity, Trader Joe's recently dropped a new Chocolatey Dipping Kit for $3.99. Each box includes two packets of chocolate discs—milk and dark—and two types of Valentine's Day-themed sprinkles. All you need to do is melt the chocolate and let the dipping and decorating begin!

As one shopper noted, "It was super easy to heat up; definitely fun if you wanna do something small with little prep."

Ricotta Cuoricini Ravioli

trader joe's ricotta cuorcini ravioli
Photo Courtesy of Trader Joe's ©2024

Ditch the cheesy pickup line and whip up some cheesy ravioli instead. Trader Joe's just brought back its Ricotta Cuoricini Ravioli, which earned high marks in a previous Eat This, Not That! taste test. Each pink, heart-shaped raviolo is stuffed with a mixture of ricotta cheese, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and a balsamic reduction. The rave reviews extend to social media, as well.

"These were amazing last year," one Instagram user wrote on a post from @traderjoeslist. "This was so freaking good!" another one added.

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