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Trader Joe's Controversial Sushi Is Back: 'Nobody Wants This'

Shoppers are wondering why, of all the beloved products, this one is making a return.

Trader Joe's is beloved for the myriad of things it does well: frozen meals, creative snacks, unique seasoning blends, the list goes on. But based on a recent Reddit thread, it seems that sushi isn't one of those hits.

Shoppers have recently posted about the return of the grocery chain's ready-to-eat California rolls and vegetable rolls, which one Instagram user spotted at a store for $5.99. The California rolls are filled with imitation crab meat, cucumber, and avocado, while the vegetable rolls have carrots, avocado, and cucumber. It appears as though the grocer's sushi hasn't been available over the last few years.

Although the return of Trader Joe's products often stirs up excitement among customers, this particular item elicited the opposite reaction from numerous shoppers, with negative responses notably outweighing enthusiasm on Reddit.

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"WHY?! Nobody wants this. BRING BACK THE SHRIMP NUGGETS!" one Reddit user commented on the thread.

"The worst sushi I've ever had I got at Trader Joe's. I'm typically a sucker for cheap sushi but the rice was criminal. Never again," another one wrote.

Others reflected on similar experiences with the product's rice, describing it as "mushy" and "spongy," with one person calling it the "worst rice [they] ever ate in [their] whole life."

Another one said, "Maybe they changed it? Because if they didn't, it won't last."

While both rolls are currently listed as "not available" on the Trader Joe's website, the original post on Reddit is tagged with a "regional product" tag, meaning the product likely won't be rolled out everywhere, at least not at first.

Meanwhile, some Reddit users expressed their fondness for the sushi at other grocery stores, such as Safeway, Vons, Ralphs, and Whole Foods.

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In 2019, Trader Joe's garnered attention after manufacturer Fuji Food Products, Inc. issued a recall of sushi, salads, and spring rolls due to a potential listeria contamination. Several Trader Joe's sushi rolls were included in this recall, such as its California roll, spicy California roll, and tempura shrimp crunch roll. The recall also included other Trader Joe's refrigerated items like its tofu spring rolls.

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