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Trader Joe's Customers Say This Iconic Drink May Be Discontinued

Rumors recently began circulating that the drink is leaving shelves, but are they true?

UPDATE: June 24, 2024

Following the publication of this article on June 20, a Trader Joe's representative confirmed to Eat This, Not That! that their French Market Sparkling Lemonades will not be discontinued. An updated version of the story appears below.

Plenty of exciting finds have been hitting Trader Joe's shelves lately, from the viral new Mini Insulated Tote Bags to the returning Horchata Ice Cream. But amid the slew of fun new arrivals, rumors have also emerged that an iconic Trader Joe's beverage is about to disappear from the chain. 

Earlier this week, a customer spotted a "to be discontinued" sign on Trader Joe's French Market Sparkling Berry Lemonade and immediately shared the news with fellow fans on Reddit.

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"Heartbreaking!!" the customer captioned a photo of the drink. 

Trader Joe's French Market Sparkling Lemonade differs from traditional lemonade in that it's carbonated and has a more subtle, less citrusy flavor. The retailer sells one-liter glass bottles of the beverage in several flavors, including original, pink, limeade, and—as seen in the Reddit post—berry. 

The customer who shared the discontinuation rumors on Reddit claimed that all of the available flavors are slated to be eliminated. However, when when contacted for confirmation and comment on these claims, a Trader Joe's representative said that there are no plans to discontinue the French Market Sparkling Lemonades.

So, fans can rejoice in the knowledge that they won't have to say goodbye to the popular beverage after all. But before Trader Joe's denied the discontinuation rumors, just the prospect of losing the French Market Sparkling Lemonades was enough to spark an uproar in the retailer's fanbase.

"What???? No!! This is the BEST!" one Redditor commented.

"Why do they discontinue so many things people love I don't get it," another lamented.

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These aren't the only lemonades currently available at Trader Joe's. The retailer also offers a fresh-squeezed variety, a bottled organic version, and lemonade-flavored sparkling waters. But judging by the outrage over their alleged discontinuation, the French Market Sparkling Lemonades seem to hold an extra special place in the hearts of shoppers. 

"This was like the last good thing that wasn't water or tea in their bottled/canned beverages section" a shopper commented.

"These are such iconic Trader Joe's products. I have been buying them since I was a teenager to take to picnics and parties. They feel so elevated as compared to their other bottles of juice and lemonades. I'm bummed," another wrote.

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