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Trader Joe's Most Popular Ice Cream Is Finally Back

The seasonal treat first debuted in 2022—and just returned for another limited-time run.
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Every diehard Trader Joe's fan knows that some of the grocer's most popular products are only available during certain seasons, forcing shoppers to pine for them throughout most of the year. But as of this month, the wait for the return of Trader Joe's most popular seasonal ice cream is finally over. 

The retailer's fan-favorite Horchata Ice Cream (310 calories) has been officially spotted back on shelves. Taking inspiration from the traditional Latin American beverage, the frozen treat features an ice cream base flavored with cinnamon, brown rice flour, and a touch of sea salt. Horchata-flavored cookie pieces are also distributed throughout for a flavor and texture boost. 

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Trader Joe's first introduced the ice cream for a limited time during the summer of 2022, and then brought it back at the same time in 2023 due to its massive popularity. 

"It's their best dessert," one fan declared in a Reddit thread last year. 

It even scored the top ranking in an Eat This, Not That! taste test of every Trader Joe's ice cream flavor last summer. Now that it's back again for summer 2024, fans are absolutely ecstatic. 

Trader Joe's Horchata Ice Cream
Photo: Zoe Strozewski / Eat This, Not That! Design: Eat This, Not That!

"Was super excited to see the Horchata Ice Cream back in stock for the season!" one shopper wrote on Reddit.

"Picked up three of 'em," another posted.

New or returning products tend to arrive at certain stores before others, so those hoping to score some Horchata Ice Cream should check directly with their local Trader Joe's to confirm it's in stock before heading over. Just don't wait too long to snag a pint, since the treat will only stick around for a limited time and demand seems to be fierce. 

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The Horchata Ice Cream isn't the only exciting new arrival at Trader Joe's this month. New Mini Insulated Tote Bags recently hit shelves at the retailer, and immediately became a huge hit. The $3.99 bags have been flying off shelves and popping up on resale sites for nearly $100 in some cases. Trader Joe's says they may be restocked later this summer, so interested shoppers should keep an eye out for their potential return.

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