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6 Trader Joe's Bakery Items Customers Are Currently Raving About

When you're craving something sweet, shoppers recommend these treats.
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Many will argue that no meal is complete without dessert. For some, this means a couple of chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk. For others, it's something even more decadent like a slice of chocolate mousse cake. Fortunately, Trader Joe's has it all.

Unlike many grocery stores, which have easily discernible bakery departments, Trader Joe's baked goods are stocked a bit more inconspicuously. While the bakery items have a less noticeable store presence than, say, the frozen foods, that doesn't deter shoppers from singing their praises.

Trader Joe's customers are known for being forthcoming when sharing their opinions about products, so we scoured the internet to find the bakery items that have found their way to shoppers' hearts—and stomachs. Here's a look at the desserts sparking recent online chatter.

13 Best Trader Joe's Desserts of All Time

Vanilla Bean Chantilly Cake

trader joe's chantilly cream vanilla bean mini sheet cake
Photo Courtesy of Trader Joe's ©2023

If vanilla is your cake flavor of choice, then Trader Joe's Vanilla Bean Chantilly Cake is worth trying, as emphasized by several major fans on Reddit. About two weeks ago, one shopper took to the online platform to pay tribute to the item and wrote, "Does anyone else think the Chantilly Cream Vanilla Bean cake is sent straight from heaven? Probably the best store bought cake I've ever had. Possibly the best cake in general."

Another user commented, "I buy this EVERY time I go to Trader Joe's. It's my weakness!" Someone else added, "I literally bake wedding cakes and this is still the best cake I've ever had. I do NOT understand what kind of witchcraft they use to get it so moist! Grr."

Gluten-Free Strawberry Muffins

trader joe's gluten-free strawberry muffins
Courtesy of Trader Joe's ©2023

For the past couple of months, shoppers have been buzzing about these limited-time muffins, which are currently being sold for $5.99. Described by TJ's as "marvelously moist," the new bakery item is made with a gluten-free flour blend, sweet cream butter milk, and sour cream.

Among the rave reviews, some social media users pointed out that they wouldn't have known the muffins are gluten-free. Others shared recommendations for enjoying the sweet treat. These included toasting the muffins in a pan with butter, adding a dollop of TJ's new Madagascar Vanilla Bean Crème Fraîche, or simply pairing the muffins with coffee.

Chocolate Brooklyn Babka

trader joe's chocolate brooklyn babka
Photo Courtesy of Trader Joe's ©2023

One June 7, Kelsey Lynch, who runs the Instagram account @traderjoesfoodreviews, shared a review of TJ's $4.99 Chocolate Brooklyn Babka, giving it a perfect score of 10 out of 10. She wrote, "I really enjoyed this dessert and liked how each layer I pulled apart was chocolatey and fluffy." At the end of her review, Lynch asked her followers for their thoughts, which were overwhelmingly positive.

"[T]his is the best babka in the world," one Instagram user commented. "Easily one of the best tj products in terms of taste and value," someone else wrote.

Raspberry Heart Cookies

trader joe's raspberry hearts
Photo Courtesy of Trader Joe's ©2023

Customers first spotted these Valentine's Day-friendly cookies in February and have continued to see them in stores months later. One month ago, several Redditors noted their lack of self-control around the cookies, with one of them calling the bakery item "so addicting." Another user, who described the cookies as "perfect," said they were "not too dry nor too sweet."

A couple of months prior, one fan tried to sarcastically dissuade shoppers from purchasing the cookies by calling them "awful," adding, "Do not buy!! […] Leave them at the store… for… me…"

Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk Cookies

trader joe's sea salt chocolate chunk cookies
Photo Courtesy of Trader Joe's ©2023

What's more classic than a chocolate chip cookie? Trader Joe's elevates this tried-and-true dessert by incorporating chocolate chunks (rather than chips) and sea salt. In a recent Reddit thread, one user shared a photo of the baked good and wrote, "I am just shocked these aren't talked about more….This cookie is one of the best I've had." Other users agreed, calling the product "out of this world," "absolutely amazing," and "the most delicious [chocolate] chip cookies."

Peanut Butter Brookies

trader joe's peanut butter brookies
Photo Courtesy of Trader Joe's ©2023

A brownie and a cookie walk into a bar—but this time, they add peanut butter to the mix. Available for $4.49, TJ's Peanut Butter Brookies consist of brownie batter topped with peanut butter cookie batter and a sprinkle of sea salt. On Reddit, users called this dessert mashup "too delicious" and "dangerously addictive." A month prior, Trader Joe's posted a photo of the product on Instagram, eliciting positive comments from shoppers.

"These are heavenly," one person commented. "A treat that has everything," another one concluded.

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