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A Top Trainer Reveals the Best Weight Loss Tips She Only Tells Her High-Paying Clients

Roll up your sleeves, and get ready to apply these helpful tips that usually cost a fortune.
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Whether you're already on your weight loss journey or you're just getting started, it's always helpful and inspiring to have some nuggets of advice from a fitness professional to incorporate into your daily routine. We spoke with Maggie Priore—a personal trainer on Fyt, the biggest personal training service in the country that makes in-person or virtual expert-guided fitness convenient for everyone—who agreed to share some of the weight loss tips she usually reserves for paying clients. Get ready to take some notes!

Priore stresses that there's so much more to exercise than simply dropping pounds. "Sometimes weight loss is important for health, but it should not be the end-all for starting an exercise program. Think about the benefits of weight loss: lower cholesterol, more energy, lower risk of diabetes, and higher life expectancy. These things are all more important than the number on the scale," she says.

To her point, the number on the scale may not even be an accurate reflection of your progress when it comes to losing weight. Priore advises her clients that it's really all about their measurements, specifically in the waistline and their percentage of body fat. She tells us, "These numbers are usually much more telling of someone's overall health." Now, let's roll up our sleeves, and learn some of Priore's helpful weight loss tips.

1. Listing your goals is a great first step.

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It's really helpful and important to come up with a list of your goals that aren't solely about losing weight, but rather why you've decided to pursue this journey. For instance, your purpose may be to reduce your cholesterol levels or become more mobile when spending time chasing after your kids or grandkids. Think outside of the box and be honest with yourself, then keep those goals in mind when you're feeling unmotivated.

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2. Keep your eyes on the prize, not on the scale.

We've already mentioned the importance of thinking holistically about your weight loss goals and not getting too fixated on the scale. But there's another reason why the scale can be detrimental. "It is easy to get burned out when only focusing on watching the scale. It is easier to get frustrated when the scale doesn't move, and your body plateaus," says Priore. It's a simple fact: Plateaus happen to the best of us. Instead of obsessively weighing yourself, focus on celebrating how far you've come in your fitness journey. Stay positive!

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3. Establish a nutrition game plan that works best for you.

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News flash: You can't lose weight through exercising alone. It's important to establish a nutrition game plan that works for you. Priore explains, "Eighty percent of weight loss comes from your diet," so find a diet and workout routine that complement each other and that you're most likely to follow.

4. Choose fitness activities you actually like doing.

Let's get real: If you hate what you're doing at the gym, it's always going to be an uphill battle. Find something you truly enjoy doing, and it feels like less of a chore. "When you get in the mindset that you have to work out to lose weight, the immediate thought is to spend hours doing cardio," says Priore, adding, "Just because something makes you sweat a lot or makes you super sore the next day doesn't mean it's necessarily working."

Any kind of movement is beneficial to your body. So choose a workout you love, and stick with it. Remember: Being patient and consistent is the name of the game if you want to achieve results.

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