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The #1 Quick-Fix Workout for Wrinkly Elbows, Trainer Says

Target the upper body, and tighten up those arms.

Accepting the changes your body endures as you age can be difficult, to say the least. Whether we're talking wrinkles, saggy skin, or a combination of the two, these are telltale signs your body is getting older. And while you can't target one specific body part when it comes to fat loss, you can perform strength training exercises that'll help tone your entire body and burn fat all over. So if you have something like a set of wrinkly elbows on your hands—or shall we say, arms—we have an expert-approved workout that's a quick fix.

Maggie Priore, a personal trainer on Fyt, the largest personal training service in the nation that makes expert-guided, in-person or virtual fitness convenient for everyone, emphasizes the importance of sticking to a solid strength training routine. "The best way to tighten loose skin around the elbows is to focus on fat loss and strength training. This comes from creating a diet in which you are in a small calorie deficit and doing strength training three to four times a week. Consistent strength training will help reduce body fat, which will help get rid of things like wrinkly elbows."

When it comes to selecting just the right exercises, we're going to focus on ones that target the upper body and tighten and tone the arms. "This includes tricep exercises such as tricep kickbacks," Priore explains, adding, "Chest and shoulder exercises are also a great addition to a strength training routine." Always perform the exercises that incorporate weights without the weights first, until you get completely comfortable with your form.

Now, let's get into the #1 quick fix workout to get rid of wrinkly elbows, according to Priore. And next up, don't miss 5 Foolproof Machine Exercises To Get Rid of 'Turkey Wings'.

Tricep Kickbacks

tricep kickbacks exercise for wrinkly elbows

The tricep kickback can be performed as a single-arm exercise using a workout bench for support or bending over using both arms at the same time. Let's walk through the latter. To begin, lean your upper body forward a bit, and hinge your hips back. Have a dumbbell in each hand, keeping your arms bent and close to the sides of your body. Your elbows should be kept high as you "kick" your forearms back to isolate your triceps. Complete three sets of 10 to 12 reps for each arm.

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mature woman demonstrating pushups exercises for wrinkly elbows

You're probably familiar with the classic pushup, which is a stellar exercise to help tighten up wrinkly elbows. You can do this exercise in either a modified or full pushup position. Whichever you choose, make sure your core stays tight and your trunk's lined up with the rest of your body. Lower your body down to the floor, then press back up. Complete three sets of 10 to 12 reps, or as many reps as you're able to do while maintaining solid form.

Shoulder Presses

dumbbell shoulder presses

Last but not least, it's time to move on to shoulder presses, which can be done standing, seated, or in an upright position. "When I work with clients, I prefer to do this as a single-arm exercise to help with muscle imbalances and work on stabilization," Priore says.

Begin by bending both arms at 90 degrees, and point your hands up. Press the dumbbells up over your head, and then lower them back down to the position you started in. Keep your core activated so your back doesn't arch. Complete three sets of eight to 12 reps, depending on how heavy a set of dumbbells you're working with.

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